Tips for Creating a Solid Contract or Business Agreement

Making an agreement can be tricky. The wording must be accurate, and it is important to leave no room for misunderstandings in the future. Refer to the guidelines below for how to develop a solid contract and check out More Info on contacting a legal professional to make sure your business agreement is airtight. Get Everything in Writing In several situations, oral agreements can be legally binding. However, these are often very difficult to bring to court. Depending on the situation, your oral agreement may not be enforceable. Agreements should…

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The Challenges to Overcome When Seeking an Offshore Oil and Gas Job

Lots of people consider working in the offshore oil and gas industry.  There are many perks to this job, such as the high pay and the ability to only work for six months of the year.  However, due to this, there tends to be a lot of competition for jobs.  While oil and gas jobs in Thailand, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are regularly advertised, they do get filled quickly.  If you have found yourself missing out on positions, keep reading.  Below are the reasons you’re most likely missing…

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