See and hear who is at your door

Instead, you can instantly find the answers you are looking for by googling key words or phrases. Smart homes take convenience and comfort to a completely different level, just like Google did with searching for information. Devices such as modern intercoms that are connected to handsets which allow to check who is standing in front of the door. Why should you have 2N devices in your home and what options do they provide?

Convenience and comfort – open the door remotely without getting up

Until recently, whenever you heard the doorbell ringing, you had to interrupt whatever you were doing and go to answer the door. Thanks to innovative devices by 2N, you can now check who is standing at your door before you decide to talk to them. This solution provides completely new possibilities. A combination of a modern intercom and a smart home hands enables to remotely open the door, control the air conditioning, underfloor heating, and even the blinds in your windows. With devices by 2N you will no longer have to run to the door when the courier arrives. You can instruct him where to leave the package using your modern intercom. A video intercom with hands-free answering will provide you with full control over what is currently happening in front of your home even when you are away. Modern intercoms by 2N are equipped with an HD camera with a night mode. This will ensure that your home is completely safe even at night. The quality of conversations and the image transmitted by a modern intercom is crystal clear.

Choose modern solutions that will make your life easier!

Devices by 2N run on Android and can be connected to smart homes systems. Thanks to this, using 2N devices is as easy as operating a smartphone. The growing popularity of smart homes means that you might soon face the dilemma of what equipment to choose for your apartment.

By choosing devices by 2N, you can be sure that they will provide you with comfort, convenience and the highest level of security!

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