The best gifts for women

What does one gift a woman? What is it that women genuinely want – something that is unique as well as useful? A strange question, when it comes to gifting wants of women, that may provide an even stranger answer – for women, truly know themselves what we want. Men are especially bothered with gift options mainly when special occasions like birthdays or women’s day are just around the corner. Boyfriends seem bothered when valentine’s week draws near, and they cannot find ways of meeting their not-seen-from-long girlfriends.

In terms of gifting ideas for women, honestly, there is never a shortage of options – from a hairpin to a saree, choices are abundant. It is true that nothing makes a girl smile more than a beautiful, fresh flower. However, gifting flowers time and again, particularly in hues of red and pink, may often become monotonous.

Once the flower withers away, its aesthetic appeal and as such value diminishes greatly. However, when one discusses the gifting options for women, choices are often restricted to the “pretty” things like teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, etc. Also, gifting options for women are usually accompanied by choice of color – and it is not just the choice of the primary colors but huge trivia of hues and shades, and this can often lead to a great deal of confusion.

It is also observed that independent women often value and enjoy reading in their free time. In such cases, books – particularly those dealing with ways of leading life (e.g. Celebrating Silence), positive thinking (e.g., The monk who sold his Ferrari) and those dealing with strengthening one’s moral character (e.g. One million thoughts) can also be considered good gifts. A unique gift option can be gift boxes containing sex toys, which can help to break the cycle of monotonous gifting options. Use of sex toys is slowly coming in vogue in the major cities around the world.

Jewelry can be considered one of the best possible gift options for women; no girl doesn’t know the value of jewels, precious stones and of course, metals like gold and silver. Presently, working women do not wear heavy ornaments nowadays owing to their busy lives, with the extra need of attending to multiple, diverse prospects in a single run. In such cases, if one is ready to divulge in spending a bit more from their budget, delicate and simple jewelry encrusted with diamonds and platinum can be considered wonderful gifts. Maybe, sex toys are the only things which can replace diamonds as “a woman’s best friend.”

For those women who love craft making and are quite artistic themselves, nothing would be more beautiful and unique than gifting something handmade. Though gifting something handmade would require a generous investment of time and energy on one’s part, it would be hugely appreciated, acknowledged and valued; after all, only a jeweler knows the actual value of a coral. Dream-catchers are also gaining much popularity as gifts. These delicate, feathery items can be made a good piece of home décor by any girl, especially if it is handmade.

For those women who are fun loving, humorous and can take jokes easily, edible cut-outs of sex toys, made using fruits and vegetables, can be gifted for a light-hearted joke or to full enthusiasm to a dull party. However, while gifting something like this to a woman one has to be very conscious of her mood and mindset – otherwise, the whole idea can be seriously wrong and can lead to a whole lot of confusions and misunderstandings.

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