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The costs of dental care

Having healthy is one of the most important things, it is just as important as maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle. If you’ve got cavities, make sure you get them fixed, you don’t want all of your teeth falling out by the time you’re 40. And if you have crooked teeth invest in braces, but it is your choice to do so. If you want all these procedures done go and visit a dentist in Yarrawonga, NEDS dental office and they can help you with all of this. But to do all of these it will cost money, teeth can be pretty expensive.

What will it cost?

Each procedure has a different price, this is because it depends on a number of things, like how long the procedure is, if it is a minimal one it won’t cost that much. It will also depend on the tools and material dentist use. They use some pretty heavy duty equipment, so cost will be accumulated to this. Usually braces would cost around $5000-$6000, but it can increase based on your age and how you’re teeth are. Simple procedures like whitening will cost around $650. And dental check ups can cost you around $50 to over $250 depending on if you’re taking x-rays or not. So ask you can see you will end up racking quite the bill.

How can you pay?

If you go see a dentist in Yarrawonga, or more specifically the NEDS dental clinic you can pay in various methods. You can pay using cash, eftpos, credit or debit cards. You could also use HICAPS which allows you to claim your private health insurance then and there. Or you could also use Mifunds, which is payment plan where you can pay in parts, and not all at once up front.

Are there ways to decrease the costs?

Teeth are expensive so looking for ways to reduce the cost can be a life saver. One way is to get a dental plan, they will cover x-rays, cleaning, and fillings. You could also swing for a dental savings plan as well, which will around the same as that. You’re insurance will also be helpful, so make sure to ask if they cover dental as well. Another way to reduce the cost is to try dental schools or universities, as they charge lower. And the best way is to keep your teeth clean and make them last longer.

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