What is the Best Type of Insulation for Your Home?

Unless you or your landlord is willing to invest a lot of money, it is almost impossible to completely isolate the apartment or house. However, it is possible to use sound materials that absorb and reduce unwanted noise, and read what materials and how to use them below. FoamWorks Insulation Toronto can help you with it.

Living in an apartment can often be noisier compared to suburban homes. People living in an urban environment find it easier to accept louder environments – whether the noise is due to thin walls, old windows, construction or the street noise itself. There is no way to completely eliminate any noise, but there are ways to reduce or reduce the noise decibel level. There are several appliances on the market that measure the level of decibels in your home and spray foam is one of them.

There are many companies that offer materials that reduce the noise for housing, but they are usually quite expensive and if you can’t afford expensive materials you can use the spray foam insulation. When it comes to sound insulation, there are two types of materials: sound blocking and sound absorbing material. To prevent sounds from entering the apartment, you need material that blocks the sounds. These products can be placed over doors, walls, windows or cracks.

How do I know what I need?

To reduce noise in the apartment, you first want to determine (as best you can) where the noise comes from. Noisy neighbors? A construction site across the street? Loud roommates? Focus on the sound that bothers you the most and where it comes from. This will help you focus on the area in your home.

Blocking noise coming through windows

Glass is a good conductor of light, heat and noise, but it may not always be an advantage. Just like cold air, noise can easily enter between the glass and even amplify the noise. You can install new aluminum windows or you can try a few DIY ideas:

    At night (when you may be most disturbed by noise), pull on the heaviest and thickest curtains consisting of several layers of fabric

   The quilts also block out the sounds and although they are not aesthetically appealing, you can move it over the window when the noise is most annoying to you and later removed.

   Check hinges around windows and gaps. Repair the hinges and fill in the blanks with styrofoam or pur foam. At the same time, you will also prevent drafts and cold air from getting into the apartment.

Blocking noise through the roof and walls

If you are tired of the loud steps coming from the apartment above you or hear your neighbors talking or watching TV, there are several things you can do:

    Setting up a shelf and a thick piece of furniture can help.

    Styrofoam installation on walls and roof (if landlord permits)

    Wallpaper setup

 If you have a decent relationship with your neighbors, you can start a conversation with them about adding material to their home, providing double insulation.

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