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What You Need To Know About White Gold Vs Platinum

White gold and platinum rings are all the rage with people who want elegant, understated luxury to be reflected in their choice of jewellery. White gold and platinum may both look the same by there are distinct differences that your jeweller may leave out. At face value, they look the same but one is more expensive than the other.

You might have a white gold wedding ring you are thinking of selling, how do you know what the price will be? Platinum and gold are both precious metals however, they have different properties and benefits. A jeweller might know what these are but in the haste to close a sale they may not share the difference between the two metals and how these affect the price when you sell gold jewellery Brisbane.

Malleability and hardness

Malleability is the ability of a metal to be bent and moulded into any shape. Hardness is its resistance to dents and scratches. Gold in its purest form is quite hard which is why it is mixed with other metals. In the case of white gold, gold is mixed with silver, palladium or nickel. These metal alloys impart a particular hue but most importantly, they make the metal harder. The harder the gold, the less susceptibility it will be to scratches. In its purest form, platinum is harder than pure gold, but because of added alloys, 18k gold is harder than 95% pure Platinum. However, platinum is less malleable than white gold meaning that it is hard to mould, bend or hammer into different shapes. This means platinum can be easily scratched but it holds gemstones more securely than gold because it is brittle and harder to bend. Most jewellers combine the two metals to make one ring. They would make a band made from white gold and use a platinum setting for diamonds and other gemstones.


White gold is 20% less dense than platinum. So, when selling white gold to Brisbane gold brokers they may conduct a density test to determine whether it is real gold or platinum or simply use an XRF machine.


For a while, platinum was more expensive than gold. The spot price of gold and platinum nowadays is almost the same. Still, platinum costs more than white gold and these are the reasons why:

Platinum is denser than gold and more weight in platinum would be needed to make the same ring. Most platinum jewellery is made from 95% pure platinum and most jewellery is made from 18k gold which contains 75% pure gold.

Platinum is harder to work with than gold. It costs 20% more to make a platinum ring than a white gold ring.

Unlike gold, platinum cannot be recycled. A jeweller cannot afford to make mistakes because he cannot re-melt the metal and start over. The scraps and filings need to be sent to a refiner. This can be expensive.


People believe that white gold needs maintenance because it needs rhodium plating to retain its white color. This depends on the metal alloy. Nickel-based alloys have a yellow hue that shows every two years or so, necessitating the rhodium plating. Palladium based alloys become dark grey with time and they don’t require much maintenance.


Gold loses some weight from daily wear and constant polishing. Platinum loses very little. In theory, platinum will last longer. However, any quality, well-made jewellery should last for generations.


White gold is easy to service, meaning it can be resized and repaired. Platinum on the other hand, isn’t. The problem with platinum is that it has a high melting temperature which poses a risk to any gemstones on the jewellery piece.


Gold has been widely traded. It is probably, the most sought-after precious metal in the world. It is easy to sell gold jewellery Brisbane when you need to. There are lots of Brisbane gold brokers who are willing to pay good money for gold in any form and condition. There aren’t that many platinum traders.

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