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Category: Environmental

Waste to Water Machine – Solution to Problems

In the fast developing world, there are thousands of industries which produce the waste for the planet. Not only that even the humans produce a lot of waste in different forms such as through excretion, food wastage, power production etc. These wastes ideally cause the lands to lose the fertility and cause the waters to…

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7 Alternatives to Plastic You Should Be Using

You know well enough that plastic is one of the primary sources of pollution on our beautiful planet. Embarking on a quest to reduce the amount of plastic waste should be on top of your list of priorities if you ever wish to pursue the eco-friendly way of living. Instead of putting up with the…

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Global Warming, A Threat To Polar Bears

The concept of global warming envisages the warming of the atmospheric layer where the volume of the Carbon dioxide gas is tremendously increased. The state of growing up of Carbon-di-oxide exists due to shortage of plants and trees and green house effects. This global warming is a threat to the survival of polar bears of…

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The Benefits of Recycling Steel in Junk Cars

Recycling junk cars has a huge impact on our environment, economy, and more; an impact that is entirely positive. There are many benefits of junk car recycling, most of which involve steel. Continue reading to learn why it is important to recycle the steel in junk cars, and how you can personally contribute to this…

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New Generation Deserves Free Education to Save Planet

If one considers all of the problems facing the environment and society in general, he or she knows that qualified, educated individuals are likely to be the ones who will find effective solutions. It is highly unlikely that the Baby Boomer Generation or Generation X will have resolved the issues of climate change, the economy,…

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