We have been reading and listening since our childhood that “Health is wealth”. This means that we can’t enjoy anything in life if we are devoid of good health. And if we can’t understand this fact at this crucial time of the ongoing pandemics, then we can’t understand it ever.  To stay healthy, we have to make sure that we are leading a balanced life. Keeping our diet intact and doing physical exercise will help us to maintain good health. It is also studied that most of the healthy habits help to enhance our immunity. As we know that a strong immunity is important to fight against the COVID-19, we need to be more careful about our lifestyle now more than ever. Even the addition of a few good habits in our daily life will make a big change inthe overall lifestyle.

However, sometimes this may be a challenge for many of us as we are not always ready to either compromise with our taste buds or with comfort. So for those who are not headstrong about strict diet and exercise, some tips on these healthy habits will help them acquire a healthier lifestyle gradually:

Get up 5 minutes earlier than yesterday:

“Early to bed, early to rise” is one of the oldest quotes for a successful life. While it’s very good to wake up early, it can also be a burden for the whole day if you suddenly change your biological clock to get up before the sunrise. So, don’t push yourself to wake up very early in the morning, rather set your alarm 5 minutes earlier than today’s wake-up time. In this way, you can easily get up 5 minutes earlier but gradually, it can change your whole routine within a week or a month. Try this and share your experience with us!

Take the lift from the halfway

Getting unwanted fats with an unhealthy lifestyle? Not in a mood for gymming? Start with a simple step. Don’t jump on to the final level of exercise, but just take a small step by climbing up just a few floors in your office building or your apartment. In this way, you will stay happy, healthy, and fit. If your home is on the 12th floor, walk up to the 6th floor and then you can happily take the lift. You might gradually take the staircase to reach your floor within a few weeks or a month. This will give you confidence when you see a drop in your body weight.

Eat sweets or junk food only twice in a month

It is tough to stop eating the food we love the most. And when people start to talk about living on salads, it sounds impossible, isn’t it? So start with a very easy step. Keep a specific day for your favorite but unhealthy eating habits. It is understandable that staying away from yummies like cake, Panipuri, samosa, momos, and jalebi for a long time can be very very tough. So keep yourself strong only for a few weeks and set a date when you can cheat on your healthy diet and serve yourself with these snacks.

Take a cup of green tea at least once a day

If green tea can’t be put in your cup of “masala chai” or coffee, then try this one! Have a cup of green tea only after you’re done with the coffee course of the day. Green tea is highly beneficial for health. It may not taste very good at the beginning, but slowly you can take it into habits and your coffee times may be replaced with healthy sips of green tea.

Meet or talk to friends and relatives once in a month or two

It may sound unrelated to physical health but this is the most important thing to consider as our body highly depends on our mental health. When we share our emotions and feeling with close ones, we feel relaxed. It lessens our stress and thus, keeps us away from many mental and physical problems. It is a very significant habit to be connected with our loved ones.

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