5 Things To Remember While Buying Rudraksha Online

All most every second Hindu in India looks forward to buy rudraksha online or from stores nearby. Rudraksha, a seed of a species of tree, is purchased by a large number of people for its spiritual significance. Rudraksha plays a significant role in the life of a spiritual seeker. There are various types of rudraksha that includes ek mukhi rudraksha, do mukhi rudraksha, panch mukhi rudraksha and 7 mukhi rudraksha. The rudraksha trees are found at a higher altitude, especially in the Himalaya region. However, as of now, there are not much rudraksha trees in India, and are found mostly in Burma, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand. Hence, they are now available more online as compared to the stores. However, there are certain things to keep in mind while going for rudraksha online shopping as it can have negative effects on life.


The person who wants to buy rudraksha online needs to have a profound knowledge of what he/she want to purchase. First, it is important to know what type of rudraksha is required or suggested. This is because wearing a wrong rudraksha can completely disturb one’s life. Rudraksha can be expensive so it is always advisable to purchase what you know and what is required.


It is very important to know that the rudraksha or rudraksha chain you are purchasing online is certified or not. There are a host of websites that sell rudraksha and associated products that are not certified. Also, it is believed that original rudraksha sinks in water, and if your rudraksha that you have purchased online floats, it means it is fake. So, be cautious while purchasing it online.


Again, it is very important to check the authenticity of the bead or rudraksha as well as the website you are purchasing from. Have a thorough research of the website or online portal that is selling it. Some people get duped in such cases.

Price Factor

One must know that things like rudraksha that are not in everyone’s reach to purchase cannot be easily available online. It shall be noted that smallest the size of the rudraksha, highest its price can be. Sellers dupe the public by selling a bigger size bead, labeling it with a seal or a mark like a line, and claiming it to be ek mukhi. Remember, ek mukhi rudraksha is not easy to find.


Last but not the least, be sure of what product you want to purchase. There are many products like bracelets, baju-bandhs, chains, and what not. So, know what purpose is behind your purchase and buy accordingly.

Purchasing rudraksha online is not an easy task. A lot of knowledge is required along with the trust on the website or the seller. It shall be thoroughly checked the seller is a certified and a trusted brand. There are some sellers who also say that they purify the product before selling. However, renowned gurus and experts say that purification is a simple process which can be done at your home also. It is true that it needs purification but it needs rudra abhishek of the rudraksha with chanting of the mantra Om Namah just have to choose a auspicious day or any Monday to wear it, wash your rudraksha mala with gangajal, offer any white flower and chandan paste along with incense stick, and then touch the rudraksha to shivlingor lord Shiva’s picture, and chant the mantra eleven times to wear it. This was a simple process. In yet another elaborative process, you can call a pandit or pujari for the abhishek and then wear your rudraksha mala.

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