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5 tips to sleep better

You are used to training hard and eating well. And yet, you feel like you are stagnating, you feel exhausted. It may be because your sleep is not optimal. “The athletes have understood now that ignoring the hours of sleep can be as catastrophic as coming on the packed ground,” said Dr. Christopher Winter, president of the Carlottesville Center for Neurology and Sleep Medicine. Here are 5 tips to help you sleep better.

5 tips to sleep better

Record your sleep

In order to know how you sleep different applications can record your sleep. Available on Smartphone platforms, these applications analyze the quality of your sleep by recording your body’s micro movements and surrounding noises. They then determine deep sleep and light sleep cycles to help you better understand your sleep time. More sophisticated 먹튀사이트 devices record your heart rate and body temperature, a good and much more precise supplement if you want to know how your nights are going.

To do what? Simply because knowing your cycles will allow you to know when to go to bed for complete sleep cycles and the applications will be able to wake you up at the most opportune time to less disturb your body.


You can distract your brain to help it fall asleep. To do this, try to imagine a situation that will help you let yourself go, like floating on a soft cloud, or diving into the depths of the ocean. A recent study from Switzerland shows that people who have hypnotic thoughts – like words like “relax” or “let yourself go” – increase by 80% the time spent in deep sleep.

Stock up on vitamins D

In winter, we spend more time indoors and our vitamin D levels drop drastically. But the vitamin D is an essential nutrient in the quality of our sleep. To boost your vitamin D levels in winter, you can eat salmon or other fatty fish, preferably grilled, three times a week. According to a Norwegian study, this simple trick could significantly improve the quality of our sleep.

Prepare your trip to sleep

Just like you wouldn’t go on a trip without your toothbrush or razor, plan some accessories for your sleep. In your mandatory package, a mask, earplugs, and a perfume. The purpose of the perfume is to remind you of the smell of your home, spray it lightly on your pillow.

Avoid the nap trap

Taking a nap can disrupt your sleep. It is best to limit naps to days when you have experienced abnormal activity such as a long trip. They should also be limited to 30 minutes to avoid waking up groggy. Instead, favor a few hours of advanced bedtime so as not to cut your sleep phases.

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