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6 Types of Products You Can Sell at a Farmer’s Market

Selling at the farmer’s market can be an excellent way to generate some income. You may have the option of turning this activity into a full-time income-generation method.

You could travel between a few farmer’s markets or stay only for a few hours early in the morning before you go for another job.

In any case, you will need to have some products that are often in high demand at the farmer markets. In this article, we will explore some product ideas for you to sell.

Fresh Produce

If you are a farmer, the first type of product you can definitely sell at a farmer’s market would be your fresh produce.

You can sell freshly picked fruits and vegetables from your farm and give yourself a differentiating factor from other similar sellers by providing unique products.

Some examples of these unique products include heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflowers or organically grown crops.

Arts & Crafts

When you take a quick walk down the farmer’s market or any other markets, you will surely notice a number of stalls selling handcrafts, whether hand-painted products, hand-carved decorative items, or various other forms of arts & craft.

If you sell at a farmer’s market close to tourist attraction areas, selling some arts & crafts that tourists can purchase and bring back home as a souvenir would attract more attention.

Baked Food

If you love baking, why not make some money off your hobby? Everyone loves the smell and taste of fresh, delicious bread.

And you can bake many different types of buns, cookies, pies, rolls, and other types of baked goods to be sold.

You can cater to different customer needs by offering gluten-free, keto or vegan products. Alternatively, try baking with unique moulds and shapes to capture more attention.

Japanese bakeries are good at creative pastry designs, so try to look them up for some ideas.

Remember that you will want to use retail scales when selling food products to calculate the final product price based on weight.

Different types of retail scales are better suited to different types of products, so you can do some research to find out the types of scales which are in higher demand among farmers.

Potted Plants

These potted plants can be small decorative plants that people can buy for their homes. Alternatively, you can also sell potted herbs, vegetables or small fruiting plants.

Along with these plants, you can sell some gardening supplies such as soil, fertilizer, starter trays and various other tools that will come in handy with the plants that you are selling.

You may not have enough space on your stall to display many potted plants at once, but you can always sell some seeds and bulbs instead.

Gourmet Pet Food

Sell some healthy snacks for pet dogs, cats or any other popular pets in your farmer market’s area.

Pet owners often splurge on their pets to ensure that they will have good health and a good variety of food in their daily meals.

If you can produce and sell some gourmet pet food, especially those sourced from organic materials, you could be tapping into a niche market that mainstream pet stores often do not cater to.

The key lies in creating unique, exotic products that visitors may find hard to get from anywhere else.

Beauty & Hygiene Products

Why restrict yourself to foods and drinks when you can increase the range of products available at a farmer’s market?

You can sell bath salts, homemade soap, lip balms and various other beauty and home products.

Give yourself a competitive edge by creating homemade artisan products with unique scents, appearance or packaging, and you may find your products gaining popularity among customers quickly.

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