7 Alternatives to Plastic You Should Be Using

You know well enough that plastic is one of the primary sources of pollution on our beautiful planet. Embarking on a quest to reduce the amount of plastic waste should be on top of your list of priorities if you ever wish to pursue the eco-friendly way of living. Instead of putting up with the waste removal of what often feels like heaps of plastic, you should look into alternatives to this everyday material, which takes many shapes and forms. There are healthier alternatives, which you will do well to consider:

Plastic-wrapped produce – buying organic food to eat healthily and do the planet well means nothing if the food bearing that label comes in plastic wrap. Even a thin film of plastic is enough to deter your good intentions. Some also come with a polystyrene tray to further burden the environment once the inevitable moment comes and you need to dispose of everything but the food. Stop buying this and instead turn your sights to fresh produce instead. Pay more attention to your local farmer’s market.

Tea bags – tea bags are another source of plastic you should be aware of. Most teabags in the UK come with a thin layer of polypropylene plastic, which eventually ends up leaking into the soil once teabags end up in a landfill. That is just one reason you should replace teabags with loose tea. Another one is that it just tastes way better.

Plastic straws – if you are looking to cull plastic items from your life, start with the most useless one anyway – plastic straws. Drinking from glass or any other container without a straw changes nothing about the taste qualities of the drink itself, so be sure to say no to a plastic straw offering.

Reuse your laundry bottle – if you have used the last drop of your laundry detergent, don’t be quick to dispose of the bottle. A lot of stores offer the chance to refill an empty bottle without the need to get a new one. It often comes out cheaper too.

Toothbrushes – traditionally, toothbrushes feature plastic bristles, which is somewhat unavoidable. However, you can replace your brush with one made of bamboo to leave the bristles as the only plastic component in there,

Cotton buds – cotton buds are not just bad for the environment; they are also bad for your health. It has been proven time and time again that cleaning your ears with them poses serious health risks and does nothing to relieve you from ear wax. If you are using them only for other cleaning purposes, you should replace with degradable card sticks.

Coffee cups – coffee films have a plastic film on the inside, making them hard to recycle. This is so easy to fix: bring your disposable coffee cup and use only that to get your morning dose of this empowering drink.

There are quite a lot of everyday plastic items you can replace with more environmentally-friendly options. It is up to you to do so and ease the waste removal process.

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