Add More Security with Electrical Fencing

Fences in spite of their types are the tools to avoid the trespassers and intruders to come in the resident or commercial or factories and private property. But when you are using the electrical fences, then you are also adding more security to your premises. There are many benefits which are accompanied while you go for the electrical fencing which is mentioned below:

Ease of installation

It is highly recommended that these types of fences should be installed by professionals. But the good thing about these fences is that they are easy to install and they come with a very low cost of maintenance. The cost of installation is also very low as these fences can be installed parallel to the already present structure of the place or on the top of it. The traditional methods are hard to install as they are needed to be transported with high weight.

Less cost of maintenance

The wires which are used as electrical fences are made up of steel or aluminium so they require very less maintenance. So once installed, the owner does not have to worry much about maintaining the fences. The only things which are needed to be taken care of while installing these fences include checking the adequate current in the voltmeter or if anything touching the wires of the fence.


Not only the electric fence will help you in adding extra security to your premises but it will only give a non-lethal shock to the intruders as well. It will not give them a very harmful shock. This will help in the safety of using this type offers.

From this we can see that these fences are safe as well as they help in detecting and deterring the intruders as well efficiently. So having electric fence wire is a great option. So if you are thinking of going for this option, then here some of the tips which you can keep in mind to avoid any problem.

  1. The most common mistakes which are done by most of the people are not having a proper grounding of the wires of the fences. The wires are needed to be grounded properly to avoid any miss happening. Poor grounding will give weak shocks and will not be useful.
  2. New fences near old fences are also problematic and this should be avoided as the purpose of having fences will go in drain.
  3. The distance between the fence posts must be kept in mind and you need to put them according to the recommended distances only. The electric fence cost will be affected by this, but you need to have all the rules and regulations while having an electric wired fence for security.
  4. Having wires close to each other is also another thing which people often ignore. At least keep the distance between the wires 5 inches. Also, the voltmeter is needed to be there for checking the amount of current which is flowing in the wire. Checking it by the hotness is not the right way.

Take care of these things and you will have full benefits of using electric fencing.

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