Are you Still Scared of Brain Tumour?


Brain Tumour  is a severe disease, and most people are still under the perception that it is not possible to cure the same.

However, this is not true. With the advancement in technology and possibilities of early detection, neurosurgeons can now cure the brain tumour successfully. This brain disease is no longer scary as it used to be around a decade ago. 

 Brain Tumour Surgery in India is gaining popularity because as per the results of various surveys over the past few years, 94 % of the brain tumour surgeries, with early detection, were successful. However, the success rate for benign tumours is higher than cancerous or malignant tumours.

More Details of Brain Tumour Treatment in India:

Doctors in India suggests undergoing regular screening which helps the patients to avail a successful treatment as well as reduce complications due to a brain tumour. 

Once you notice any of the signs and symptoms of brain tumour, you must reach out to the doctor at the earliest. One of the most common indications of brain tumour is a severe headache. Other signs and symptoms depend on the part of the brain affected by the tumour. It may result in problems with vision or loss of control over the movement of limbs or seizures etc. 

There can be few other symptoms like loss of memory, numbness in one part of the face or entire body and many more. However, it is possible to notice the signs of a brain tumour, and you can directly visit the doctor for a diagnosis. 

Cause of a Brain Tumour:

It is impossible to detect the cause of a brain tumour. It may be either because of cancer or family history or history of a brain disorder. Some other prevailing reasons may be high use of cell phones, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and prolonged contact with ionising radiation. In short, all the reasons that lead to unusual growth of brain cells are prominent causes of brain tumour.

It may not be possible to avert the chaos but curing the disease is now possible. Not all brain tumour is life-threatening. If certain tumours do not spread and remain restricted to a particular place of your brain without significant changes over the years, such cysts are not dangerous. 

But, if the undesired cells keep on multiplying continuously, it is highly essential to stop the growth and get rid of the tumour. Doctors make use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy to treat the tumour depending on the position of the tumour and overall medical condition of the patient.

 Final Words:

Another thing that stops a patient from undergoing brain tumour treatment is the high cost of surgery. However, you need not worry about the cost of treatment if you are in India. The Brain Tumour Surgery Cost in India is highly affordable and within the reach of the common man. 

If you compare the overall cost of the treatment with other countries of the world, the amount in India is just one-third. The cost can be personalised for each and every patient depending on their choice of doctor and hospital.

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