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Python is an interpreted programming language whose philosophy emphasizes very clean syntax and readable code. It is a good alternative to opt for this language in the world of programming since it is a very simple and easy language. Python is one of the languages ​​with the highest growth rate in recent years. What is most surprising about this “unexpected” momentum of Python is that it is not a newcomer language. In this case, we find a mature language that is used in production by many companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify or Netflix, part of the success is due to him, as many engineers have recognized during these years. Before you join the Python Training in Pune Here is a list of the reasons to learn python under professional guidance. 

Why is Python growing so fast?

Python is used in a wide variety of fields, from web development to Dev Ops, but it has been the increase in its use applied in machine learning and data science, which has accelerated the growth of Python. And his growing interest in the majority of programmers who are entering these disciplines. Without forgetting the evolution that Python has used for web programmers or system admin for years.

Python applied to Data Science

Here we find one of the main keys to the exponential growth of interest in Python in recent years. Hand in hand with Data Science as one of the best valued professions whose base is based on mathematical languages ​​such as R and Python. Thanks to libraries and frameworks such as PY-Brain, NumPy or MySQL. Using these tools we can do many more things than collect and classify information, creating scripts to automate processes, in addition to preparing dashboards with that information. 

Machine Learning from Python

The rise of Deep Learning with some frameworks such as Tensor Flow has also motivated many developers to learn Python. The exploratory character of machine learning fits Python perfectly, so we can find libraries such as Keras, PY-Brain or scikit -learn to perform classification, regression, clustering, pre-processing or generation of algorithm models.

Web development with Python

Well-known we find DJANGO, the free and open-source web application framework written in Python. Nor is it a newcomer and is used in production by companies with Instagram, Pinterest or The New York Times. To this Python framework, we can add some equally interesting as the minimalist Flask or Pyramid. In addition to these frameworks, we can highlight the importance to create Restfully or graph APIs with libraries.

Python for Dev ops

The accessibility and flexibility of Python are also one of the reasons to prefer this language in Dev Ops. It’s great for scripting and automating the process. As we talk about data science or machine learning courses, we can also highlight courses for System Admin using Python 3.

In conclusion, should you learn Python?

Python’s learning curve is less rough than others, it has thousands of libraries that allow us to do what we set out in a few lines of code. It allows you to evolve quickly, in addition to delving into more complex tasks, as you acquire ease. Obviously recommending a programming language is complicated. It depends on many factors such as the use you are going to give it. Nor is it the same to recommend a language to someone who is beginning to program as to another programmer with extensive experience in various programming languages. So, if you are still thinking about whether you will join the Python classes in Pune, it’s time for them to not to waste any more time and act as quick as possible. 

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