Benefits of a Konnekt Video Phone

Talking to your elderly parents and friends has never been easier with the Konnekt Video Phone. This phone allows for a simple video phone for elderly that is easy to use. The Konnekt videophone is specifically designed with the elderly in mind. It really takes into account the challenges they may face. Especially when it comes to using technology. This phone has many great benefits for them that make access easy and efficient. Gone are the days where your elderly parents or friends find it hard to communicate. With this device, you can stay in constant contact to make sure they are okay.  Here are some other great benefits of the simple video phone for the elderly. 

Easy To Use

The great thing about this phone is that it is very easy to use, even for you but especially for the elderly. It features a one press contact option so they do not have to remember difficult processes. The screen is 15 inches in length making easy to navigate and see at all times. Plus the text is large enough to see for those with compared eyesight. The speakers are loud so that they can easily hear instructions and incoming calls.

For you, this phone allows you for an auto-answer capability. This way you can check in on them without them having to be there to answer. The Konnekt Videophone is personalized by the developers. So you will not have to go through a difficult set-up. Additionally, you can use this device to make regular phone calls with no addition to your bill. It also allows for group calls, photos, and other things. 

All in all the features are catered to help the elderly function in the modern world of communication. It even helps those who experience mobility issues and dementia. 

Helpful Systems

Aside from being easy to use the Konnekt Videophone is also very helpful. It can allow you to check-in when they cannot answer, in case of falls or illness. With this, you can react faster if an emergency arises. Additionally, it will help in reducing loneliness. This is because they have an easy way to contact and speak with you. Their mood will improve because they have constant communication with those they love. This phone also allows for independence by allowing them to have their own space and still be safe. The most helpful benefit is the ability to see the elderly often without having to travel to see them. This device is definitely beneficial for you and you’re elderly.

With these benefits and features, you will buy this product to help out with your elderly parents and friends. It truly is a great system to have in homes that help everyone stay connected.

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