BMW Vehicle Care Tips From The Expert BMW Specialist

Owning a BMW car is a dream for many and for the right reasons.

This manufacturer not only makes cars –

  • That is reliable
  • That seldom depreciates in value
  • That is good looking
  • That is technically advanced, and safe but also serves the needs of enthusiastic drivers who yearn for performance as well.

With that stated, not every BMW owner takes good care of their car and if you do not want to be counted one among them, be sure to keep the following things in mind –

Keep your BMW car clean and wax it often

In the opinion of renowned BMW mechanics Perth, cleaning the exterior and interior of your car is a habit that serves not only the aesthetic needs of your BMW but also ensures that it keeps on running in good condition, for years to come.


Well, Perth has an unforgiving climate and it is common for your car’s interior and exterior to get dusty and dirty often. You need to keep dirt and dust off your car’s exterior and out of your BMW’s interior. It is the only way to keep the paint of the car from getting spoilt and the delicate interior as well as the electronic components from premature failure.

Why wax it?

Well, waxing is a demanding task but it is worth the efforts. Wax acts as a protective shield for the paint of your car against the elements, dirt, mud, the acidity of tree sap and bird droppings.

Periodically inspect the tire tread of your BMW

Even the tire treads of a BMW wears down with time, especially here in Perth. Hence, you would need to inspect the tire tread of your BMW regularly. It is the only way you can calculate the time when it would need to be replaced.

How to do that?

Well, one of the easiest and effective ways is to use a 20c Australian coin.

First, you would need to insert the coin into the tread of the tire you want to inspect.

Then, if you notice that the tread of the tire is less than 3mm, it is high time that you take your car to a BMW specialist Perth and get the whole set of tires replaced.

If you continue to drive your BMW using worn-out tires, you are not only risking your life but also the lives of people on the road.

Always keep the lenses of your BMW’s headlights clean

Have you started noticing that the headlights of your beloved BMW are looking dull and worn down? Does the overall lumen value of your BMW’s low and high beam during night drives, have also come down?

Well, this can be solved in a matter of minutes and all you would need to do is clean the lenses of the car’s headlights using headlight restoring kits. These kits are available at cheap rates in any hardware store here in Perth and the best part, they are pretty easy to use as well.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, also remember that you should not drive carelessly and rev-up your BMW’s engine unnecessarily. This would ultimately reduce the operational life of your car and increase the frequency at which you would need to take your car to a certified BMW-mechanic for its maintenance session – remember this.

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