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Business Casual Dress Advice For Everyone

In the following article we will discuss several aspects of how to dress for a business casual environment. We will touch on the proper attire you should own in order to obtain a classy business casual appearance. Likewise, we will discuss some common mistakes individuals make in their assumptions of what business casual means. Likewise, will also discuss the gray area where there is some flexibility in the rules of what could be considered business casual especially in the workplace environment.

There are certain rules which you should abide by. As a rule of thumb; if the outfit is something that you would not wear on a first date then you should not be wearing it at work. I understand that this is in general a fluid concept however under the assumption that you will be taking a first date to a semi intimate restaurant, then you will have a better idea of expectations. For instance, even if you are a coach who needs to run up-and-down a field you shouldn’t be wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt even if it is from any custom shirts houston tx or any other boutique shop. I’m not saying you need to wear your best athletic fit dress shirt because there are plenty of synthetic shirts which will allow you the range of motion necessary to perform your tasks while still looking professional. Likewise there are tons of synthetic shorts which are dressy enough some that have the stretch and lack of friction which allow you to move unhindered before yet remain professional in your appearance.

As a basic rule blue jeans should also be considered a no when it comes to business casual. There are simply too many alternatives to blue jeans, or you to consider blue jeans acceptable with some exceptions. T-shirts even those considered to be a dress T-shirt by themselves without any accompanying accessories should not be considered business casual. If you wish to wear a stylish T-shirt find something to decorate it. In other words, consider T-shirts undershirts which are meant to go under another article of clothing such as a sheer blouse or a business casual blazer. In all honesty it could be something as simple as a scarf which will set your T-shirt apart and allow it into the business casual realm.

Now there are some gray areas which allow you to play with these concepts. In general, the statement: meet in the middle can help you grasp this idea. For instance, if you absolutely wish to wear a nice pair of blue jeans it is possible to still maintain the professional appearance of your outfit by exaggerating the rest of the ensemble. For instance, if you were to wear a classy pair of black leather shoes with a nice dress shirt tucked in then you can most likely pull it off. Likewise, if you were to match new pair of high-end athletic shoes with a purposeful golf-style athletic ensemble it should hold water. This concept can go in the other direction as well. If you want to wear that blazer, but a full suit seems too rigid a look for your office you can dress it down with a nice pair of jeans and dress T-shirt combination. It’s important to remember that fashion is an abstract art and leaves some room for your imagination to take over.

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