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Detailed List of Documents Required To Get ESI Registration Certificate

The Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Scheme is a standout amongst the most popular plans among workers occupied with different financial divisions in the whole of India. This ESI conspire is directed and controlled by independent and self-financing standardized savings and work welfare association named ESIC, carefully according to the principles and guidelines are given in the Indian ESI Act of 1948.

Organizations or companies that have a minimum of about twenty employees are supposed to have the registration. It is a necessary process for companies with minimum strength. Within a week of attaining at least twenty employees, a company is expected to have the registration certification. For companies who don’t even fulfill the minimum employee strength can also voluntarily register for the certification.

Documents for ESI Registration Certificate

The attainment of this certificate registration is an extensive process and involves a lot of documentation. There are several documents that you require for the registration of the ESI Certificate. Here is a list of certificates that you will require for the ESI registration certificate.

  1. Company Name – This is the main aspect of importance as it brings the identity of the company or organization.
  2. Date of Organization Birth – The date on which the company was formed or started operation is also an important document to be presented.
  3. Company PAN Scanned Copy – The Company or the business PAN card details are to be scanned, and the scanned copy is to be submitted.
  4. Scanned Copy of Company License – The scanned copies of the trade license and other such licenses are required as well.
  5. Scanned Copy of a Cheque of Company’s Bank Account – A company cheque is to be scanned and also presented with the other documents for the ESI certificate.
  6. Company Address Proof – The address proof of the company or their main office is also required for the registration as well.
  7. List of Directors and Partners – If it is a proprietorship or directorial or partnership firm, that is to be presented as well. The list of the partners or directors is to be presented as well.
  8. Address Proof of the Directors and Partners of the Company – The address proof of the directors or partners of the company is also to be provided.
  9. Contact Details of the Company Heads – The phone numbers, email ids and other such details of the Company heads like the partners or directors are to be presented as well.
  10. First Sale Bill Copy – The first bill of the sale of the product of the company is to be presented. This is to show that the company is in business.
  11. Strength of Employees – The total strength of the company’s employees is to be listed down as well. The number here should be the exact number of employees at that present time.
  12. List of Employees with their Details – A detailed list of details of each employee is also to be presented. This is discussed in more details below.
  13. Digital Signature of the Head or Heads of the Company – Lastly a digital signature of the director or partners of the company is required for the completion of the documentation.

Required Details of the Employees

Here is a list of details that are required to be presented for each employee. These details are to be presented for each present employee of the company at that given point of time.

  • Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Date of Joining
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Postal Address
  • Name of Nominee
  • Grade
  • Salary
  • Designation
  • ID Proof
  • Bank Account Number with IFSC Code

These are the various details and documentation that are required for the availing of the ESI Registration Certificate. There can be a lot of benefits that you avail from the ESI Certificate. It is best to have the ESI Registration Certificate for the Company.

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