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Documents justifying the financial situation: confirmation of absence of credit in progress, information contained in the national file of incidents of repayment of credits to individuals, certificate of the previous lessor indicating that the tenant is up to date of its rents and charges, production more than 2 balance sheets for the self-employed. Get more info about the best student accommodation here and now.

In addition, the owner has no right to ask you:

  • The payment of a check or a money order of reservation of the lodging
  • Any amount of money outside rent, charges and security deposit

Colocation file: documents to provide

We all know that housing costs more and more! Faced with this increase in the cost of housing, many of you make the decision to start a roommate. It is therefore perfectly legitimate to question the particularities of the colocation file. For a roommate, each participant will have to provide their own application! You will need to provide the same rooms in your file as for a conventional rental. However, the owner can set up two different types of leases. In the first case, each of the roommates will have to sign an individual lease. In addition, there will be as many leases to sign as rented rooms and each roommate will have the exclusive enjoyment of his room. The second solution is to sign a single lease for all roommates. However, pay attention to all the clauses of your contract! Owners frequently include in the lease a solidarity clause. This is a statement that each roommate is responsible for the entire rent. In other words, if one of the dwellers decides to leave, you will have to pay for the rent.

The parts to provide to rent a flat share:

As you will have understood, the owners are entitled to ask you for your identity and a guarantee of your solvency in the same way as for a conventional rental. In order to propose the most complete colocation file possible, you are strongly advised to gather the following documents in several copies:

  • A proof of identity: yours and that of your guarantors (Identity card, passport, driving license).
  • A proof of income: your last 3 payslips or those of your guarantors.
  • A work contract, a certificate of schooling or a student card.
  • A proof of address: EDF bill, internet or a rent receipt. Are you still at your parents? So ask them for their own proof of address.
  • An RIB (bank statement of identity): yours or that of your parents.
  • Rent receipts from your previous homes. It is therefore important to remind your owner to provide them if he does not!
  • A photocopy of the property tax or taxes of your guarantors, if they own real estate.

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