Feathered Hair Looks That Everyone Wants to Copy

When someone talks about feathered hair, most of us think about the old styles, especially rocked by television celebrities such as Farrah Faweett. However, do you know that this amazing style is still very popular nowadays as it was back in the late 70s? Though some women will argue feathered haircuts are outdated, you will not realise how stylish they are until you see someone rocking them.

Big names in the entertainment industry such as Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted with the modern fashion of layered haircuts. Still, not convinced about this classic haircut? See more details here to know more about feathered hair and learn a variety of ways of styling it.

  1. Side-Swept Bangs.

You don’t have to appear like Farrah Faweett if she doesn’t impress you. This feathered hair style is the best look if you are unsure whether you should go completely feathered or not. The side bangs are added to frame the face, and the highlight plays a great role in adding some dimension and accentuating the layers.

2. Straight, Feathery Locks.

For ladies who need something subtle, this straight but feathery hairstyle is the best choice for you. An excellent choice for the ladies with heavy hair, since the layers added minimises the weight. The outcome is a soft look, highlighted by colours.

3. The ‘70s Inspired Layers.

Women have this mistaken belief that thick hair cannot be feathered. In contrary, you can create a beautiful and authentic feathered style. For instance, this look appears as if it originated from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The style is cute yet bouncy and suitable for mid-length hair.

4. Long, Textured Shag.

This messy feathered hair style option is the best haircut to choose to keep your manes manageable. A haircut with this texture appears best when somewhat shaggy, so it doesn’t need perfect styling. The feathered layers enhance the edginess of the style, while the shade maintains it looking sleek and soft.

5. Pixie Cut.

Perhaps you think because your hair is short, you cannot rock feathered hair styles. No, feathered looks are not exclusive to longer hair. They also appear fantastic for women with short hair, and this women’s pixie cut clearly demonstrates that. This short haircut is layered, promoting its texture for a cool feathered hairdo, while still maintaining its sassiness.

6. Brunette Balayage.

Balayage hairstyles are some of the on-trend looks this year, so while not complement one with a feathered style to come up with a fun style? This balayage, paired with layers makes for a correctly blended look. The layers appear bouncy, and the shade is natural and bold.

7. Mid-Cut with Subtle Layers.

Looking for a hairstyle that is not only soft but edgy as well? This step haircut is the best way you can achieve that. Suitable for shoulder-length hair, the layers offer the feathery effect, curling out at the tips, while still maintaining its sharpness.

8. Soft with Flip Waves.

If you need a hairstyle that provides bounce and texture, you will not get it wrong with this hairstyle. It is ideal for someone with natural curls.

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