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Feminine Hygiene: A Comprehensive Knowhow

Feminine Hygiene is one such necessity often neglected but actually it is very important for girls and women to take care of their intimate parts. The female body has a self cleansing mechanism. However, it is important to use the right intimate care products. It is very important to be aware about the methods to keep their intimate areas clean and infection free. In today’s era where women are doing multiple tasks like balancing home and work life both, they ignore their health and especially their personal hygiene, but it is very necessary to keep the intimate hygiene to avoid some major vaginal concerns like, vaginal dryness, irritation, abnormal discharge, unnatural odor, or sometimes ovarian or cervical cancer too.

Methods for Keeping Hygiene:

First of all we should regularly clean the private parts with mild cleansers or water to ensure the pH levels. Also we should opt for showers because it can increase the infection chances.

In order to remain the inner parts itching free, ensure to wear breathable innerwear which should be made of cotton or similar sweat soaking material instead of wearing synthetic pants or lingerie. Also we should change them immediately because sweat can lead to vaginal infection. We should regularly change our undergarments too, to avoid the bacterial infections.

While using the public washrooms we should remember that they are used every day that can increase the chances of getting infectious, so we should always carry portable and small disinfectants to avoid the chances of getting infected.

Especially during menstruation days we must take care of our vaginal parts by changing our sanitary pads or tampon regularly at five and six hours.

Use of Menstrual Cups:

Unlike sanitary pads or tampons menstrual cup collects the menstrual blood because it remains inside our body collecting our blood so it can be used for upto 10 to 12 hours and it can be used again by taking it out when it is full, washing it and inserting it again in the vagina.It is made of silicon and rubber so it can be reusable and can lasts for a decade. The best thing about using a menstrual cup is that it comes in all sizes from small to XL so it can be fitted according to your body size. The Menstrual cup is flexible so when it is inserted in the vagina. Be sure of that fact that the cup does not make you feel any comfortable. So a woman can use it being tension free as she was using a sanitary pad or tampon before.

So in short Feminine Hygiene is an important thing which a woman must take seriously in her daily routine cycle instead of ignoring that as it can cause some serious health problems.

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