Five Reasons To See An Emergency Dentist

Having pain in the tooth is something most severe. Don’t you think? And that too when you do not understand which of those pain is an emergency. We all try every possible home remedy before we go to the emergency dental clinic to get the check-up done, and that is something which shouldn’t be the case. In order to understand the seriousness of the pain and to know if its an emergency or just a random toothache, watch for these five signs which can give you a clear indication.

  • Broken Tooth

There can be two scenarios in the case of a broken tooth. One is if a part of your tooth is chipped off and you experience no such pain, then it surely doesn’t require any urgent dental care. But in case your tooth is broken or knocked-out off the surface and causes extreme pain, then seeking urgent dental care is the only option left. It won’t only help in delivering the emergency toothache relief but will surely help in saving the tooth. For that, all that is required is, place your broken tooth in a cup of milk till the time you receive dental care, as this increases the chance of preserving and reinserting the broken tooth.

  • Gum Bleeding

Gum Bleeding surely isn’t something that is too rare. Whether an ordinary gum bleeding because of the toothbrush or a serious one due to Syria gum disease, it isn’t abnormal to experience gum bleeding. But in case the bleeding is super extreme, regular, and causing excessive pain or swelling, then emergency dental care is undoubtedly the need of the hour. As unplanned and unexplained gum bleeding could be an indication of periodontal disease, which is a severe infection of the tissues due to inadequate brushing and flossing habits.

  • Mouth Tasting Like Pennies

When your mouth starts smelling or tasting like metals, it is a sign that your filling or crown has become loose and about to fall. If this is the scenario, then you should surely visit a dentist for emergency dental care, as an open filling is nothing but an invitation to germs, cavities and infections. And in a case like everyone does their hit and trial method, you wait for long then there is a chance of getting a root canal done in order to fix the problem.

  • Swollen Mouth or Jaw

Being a sign of any sort of gum disease, this one also requires proper dental care in order to understand the cause of the swelling and pain. It might be caused due to any sort of infection, swollen lymph nodes, and last but least a result of cancer, but that is an infrequent case. Just by looking at that swelled up mouth or jaw, you surely can’t decide the cause for the same, thus visiting an experienced dentist is the only option.

  • Unexplained Toothaches

An unexplained toothache is something which can either be nothing to worry about or on the other hand a sign of gum disease or infection. In case you discover a minor toothache, then trying home remedies is the best option. But in case it is a severe one, and you feel the pain or bump near the tooth, and require an emergency tooth extraction or dental care, then you should surely go for it. 

You might experience other symptoms like fever, tooth sensitivity, or swelling in mouth or face, which can give you a red signal for emergency care.

So, whether it is a minor one or something significant you experience in your teeth, gums or mouth, then taking an emergency dental care with an experienced and trained dentist is surely not a bad thing to do. 


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