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Four luxury yachts you can buy

If your just won, the lottery? Congratulations, you’re probably looking where you can spend your many millions that you have won. If you’re the type of the person that likes to go all out, you might be looking to get yourself, your very own private luxury yacht! Here are 5 yachts that you can buy today!


This beauty is 60m long and has been built by Benetti Yachts, very famous Italian coachbuilding company. This yacht has been built in 2015, it can take up to 12 of your lucky guests. She is a comfortable cruiser, capable of traveling all over the world safely. She comes with its own deck, two VIP suites, two double guests’ suites and one twin cabin room which all of them are accessed with an elevator. She’s all you’re for just 35 million dollars!

Sycara 5

This 68meter beauty costs only 67 million dollars! This will buy you seven guest rooms on the main and the lower deck which can be reached by your very own elevator. The VIP suit is located on the bridge deck away from all the other rooms. You will also get your own club, gym and a massage room.

Planet Nine

It’s not just the name, this yacht will make it feel like you’re on cloud nine. For the price of 95 million dollars, you would at least expect luxury out of this world, well this yacht does. This yacht has it’s own helicopter pad, for your very own helicopter of course. This bad boy of course comes with all the luxurious sweets you expect, gym, massage rooms anything you ever imagined and more. Last thing it needs people to operate this craft.


If you think it can’t get any better, well wait till you hear about the Octopus. It’s born in 2003, but it has been restored back to glory and updated with the latest tech in 2019. It’s basically your own cruise ship at this point. It can accommodate 26 guests with 13 rooms. This yacht has it’s own cinema, professional recording studio, with noise and vibration dampening material, private lounge, spa, gym, sauna, everything a luxury spa holiday would have, but in the water. Only for 330 million dollars.

If you don’t have this kind of money, that’s okay you can get a custom wooden steering wheel for boat for miniscule amount compared to the yachts listed above.

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