Here’s What You Need to Cycle Successfully

Aside from the thrill of being outdoors and coasting down hills, riding bike regularly is beneficial to your health. It is low impact since it causes less strain and injuries but it can be as intense as you want. In the end, cycling can help protect you from serious diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. 

If you are new to cycling, buying Bicycle equipment & gear may be challenging but with research and patience, you can find the right one. You have to realise though that buying a bike is not just about the bike – there are add-ons to cycle successfully. 

Here’s what you need to cycle successfully:

Bike lights

You must be aware that of all Bicycle equipment & gear, bike lights are a legal requirement – it should be white front light and red rear light to be used before dawn and after dusk. Essentially, bike lights will make you more visible on the road. 

When you buy bike lights, the brightness is expressed in “lumens”. To know what you need, you should first understand that front bike lights fall into two categories: lights for seeing and lights for being seen. 

Lights for seeing will help you see the road and it should be 500 lumens and above. Lights for being seen are devised to intensify your visibility to other road users and it can be anything from 100 lumens. As for the rear lights, it can be anything from 30 lumens.  


The thing with a helmet is, it is not compulsory that you wear one but it is a requirement if you join most of the cycling events. However, as a beginner, it is important that you always ride with it for your safety and protection. 

If you are looking to race, you should consider an aero helmet. For normal days, then key requirements are a good fit, lightweight, comfortable and breathability. There are expensive helmets that come with lighter or softer straps and added an inner shell to protect against brain injury. 

Bike lock

In cycling, theft is an unfortunate part. You can avoid this incident if you consider a bike lock at the onset. There are different styles of locks but the most popular ones are U and D locks because they make it quite difficult for a thief to gain access. 


If there is one thing that you can rely on when the going gets tough, it is the multi-tool. If you look for a multi-tool, it is practical to consider a 2-8 mm Allen key bolts. This is small enough to fit into your pocket. Aside from Allen key bolts, the multi-tool includes a chain tool and Torx keys. 


Bike tires will not stay inflated for as long as you want. With this, you need to pump it from time to time. It is crucial that you ensure tire pressure to avoid punctures. At home, you can easily use a track pump when you need it but what will happen if you are outside? This is where a mini pump is needed. A mini pump will allow you to fix the tire on the road. 

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