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How recharge apps are making daily life easier

They are simple to use and they make bill payment and recharges really simple. So what reason do you have for not using a recharge app?

As a prepaid phone user, you have no complaints about it save for one – that the phone connection needs to be recharged every so often. Prepaid SIM cards work on the principle of rechargeable packs every month, and the recharge must take place when the pack validity runs out. But are you using any easy recharge modes?

There are myriad recharge apps for use today, all of them simple to use and free of cost. While some only do recharges, others like the myAirtel app also offer bill payment options.

Why use a recharge app?

The most used online mobile recharge method is to access the mobile service provider’s website and complete the recharge as directed. It takes just a few steps and it is easy to do if you are sufficiently Internet-savvy and know how to make card or net banking payments.

However, there are reportedly millions of prepaid phone subscribers in India. Most of this user base does not have access to computers and a majority of them are not Internet-savvy. So, this large base of users has no option but to buy scratch cards for easy recharge, or to go to their neighbourhood store for the phone recharge. Ultimately, this is a recharge model that relies heavily on another entity to complete the process.

All prepaid and DTH users can stop being dependent on third party players to do the phone recharge. This is where recharge apps come in – they can be used by anybody, in just a few steps, and at any time. You don’t need anyone else’s assistance in completing the recharge.

Recharge and get going!

  • Simply install the easy recharge option you want, from a list of recharge apps on the Google Play Store or iTunes.
  • Set up the app with the information required (Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, bank account number) so that the app can be used.
  • Every time you wish to do the easy recharge, just flick open the app and follow the recharge steps on the app.
  • You can choose from any of the payment options listed on the app: net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI app (like BHIM/Google Pay/Phone Pe), third party payment partners, mobile wallet, etc. Thus, you can select your preferred payment mode and proceed with the easy recharge.
  • The recharge is done at once, and the money is debited from your account in real time. Thus, you can finish the recharge at a convenient time without losing connectivity.
  • Recharge apps can be used in any geographical location and at any time of the day or night. Thus, the easy recharge takes place comfortably at the user’s convenience.

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