How Temperature Can Affect Your Car Battery Life

When a vehicle runs, it is in fact many components running together in tune with each other. Much like the importance of fuel, the battery in your car too is an indispensable component, without which it won’t move an inch. The car batteries are no different in nature from other batteries, that get affected by many conditions, among which one of the most dominant factors is the atmospheric temperature. People living in extreme weather conditions will agree to this point, how difficult it becomes to run a car, when it is too hot, or too cold outside.

But if we learn how things work under the hood, we might be able to make amends and protect the battery life in spite of adverse weather conditions, said the head of the mechanics whom we met at the shop of Chevrolet battery replacement service near Pinehurst.

Relationship Between Battery and Temperature

Mild temperature is known to be the ideal for any battery body as well as for the machines, while extreme weather conditions make the automobiles struggle, especially for the battery, that are prone to outright failure, when the temperature rises too high or fall too low. The effect of temperature on the lives of the batteries becomes evident especially during the seasons of winter in the colder regions and in seasons of summer in the hot regions.

A car battery will operate at its best when the air temperature will be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever the temperature under the hood rises higher than this range, the car battery starts struggling. Same is when the temperature falls below this measure. The battery cools down abruptly and can even go dead.

Impact of Overheating

Extreme heat will always take its toll on every vehicle system, but the worst affected part will be the battery. Things can go worse if you do not operate the car over weeks in hot temperatures. An idle battery in the hot climate will start corroding the internal components of the battery and therefore weaken its power. Though the heat might not necessarily make it fail at the first instance, but it can surely set the battery towards the slope of failure in near future.

Impact of Extreme Cold Temperature

The car batteries tend to lose about half of its strength when the outside temperature fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Fluctuations in temperature further increase the pressure on the battery life which is equally damaging.

Maintaining your Car Battery

To avoid hazardous “sudden death,” of your car battery, you need to regularly inspect it. The first thing to take notice of, is that it is still securely placed in the engine bay, and that its terminals are free from sediments and corrosion, that the battery wires are in place and are properly connected. The experts of the Pinehurst Chevrolet battery replacement service center suggest to test its charge with the help of a multimeter.

The Bottom Line

As we can’t control the outside temperature, all we can do to save our car battery, is keying it on in every couple of days, irrespective of the weather condition, store it in a garage or shaded and covered place, to save it from the harsh temperatures, and give it a year round maintenance to know how long it can survive.

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