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How to choose the best broadband ISP in Mumbai

We guide you on buying the right broadband plan from the best ISP in Mumbai.

Every home needs a broadband connection today, especially since we’re all using a multitude of digital devices, from smartphones to Smart TVs. If you are in Mumbai and looking to buy a good broadband connection, here’s what you should do:

1 Check for availability in your area.There are many Internet service providers all over Mumbai, but the one you want may not be present in your locality. Here’s how you can check: Run a search in your browser for broadband providers near you, based on your phone’s location services. Choose the best names from these, such as Airtel broadband. You can refine your search further by checking for Airtel broadband on the brand website. Once you initiate your request a new broadband connection, Airtel will contact you to check if the connection is viable for your location or not.

2 Study the plan in detail.Meanwhile, you can check out the range of Airtel broadband plans currently on offer. Airtel’s broadband plans for Mumbai include 5 variants each under their 1-month, 6-months and 12-months schemes. You can check each plan out on the Airtel website or smartphone app, to see the monthly data quota, data transfer speeds, if there are discounts on certain plans, etc.

3 Check the plan price.On the subject of Airtel broadband for Mumbai, we must mention that each plan is highly cost-effective, while the brand further sweetens the deal by offering 15% and 20% discount on each 6-months and 12-months plan. Do take a look at the available plan prices and which one suits both your budget and your other preferences.

4 Check for data speeds.Most Internet service providers claim to have the highest data transmission speeds and a great network. But you realise just how hollow these claims are when you start using the network. Get recommendations from existing users about the connection they use, and look for speeds of not less than 10 Mbps. You should have no problems with Airtel broadband, which offers the highest speeds, as attested by the Ookla Speed test year upon year.

5 Easy of purchase and online bill payment.Check how easy it is to buy the broadband connection from the Internet service provider of your choice. They should be able to take your request over the phone or on their portal, and initiate the installation process within 24 hours. Once the KYC process is complete, the connection should be made live in a few hours. Lastly, the monthly bill payment system should be online.

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