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How to fix roof leaks

Realizing that a leak has appeared at home is always bad news. But, in addition to the problem of water filtration itself, sometimes putting a solution becomes a real headache. That is why it is very important to always keep the roofs and roofs of any construction in perfect condition to avoid leaks. And in case the dreaded damp spots appear, keep calm and know how to act.

Below we explain how to solve roof leaks.

  1. Locate the origin of the water filtration

When you detect that there is a water leak in a building, either because a moisture stain has appeared on the ceiling or walls, or because there is a leak, the most important thing is to know the source of the water. Knowing where it comes from will help us calculate the magnitude of the problem. So when the water comes from walls where there are pipes, such as the bathroom or kitchen, we can quickly rule out whether it is a leak in the roof.

Water filtration

But when the leak appears directly on the ceiling immediately below the roof or on the walls of the facade, then we can suspect with reasons that the water comes from the roof. Once we are clear about this, it is time to find the specific origin.

Since leaks can occur for several reasons, from surface damage, poor waterproofing or problems in the rainwater collection system of the roof. In this way we can see if it is necessary to contact a construction expert or a gutter company like Perth Guttering and Roofing.

  1. Repair what is causing the roof leak

After knowing where the water is leaking inside the house, it is possible to put the means to solve the problem. Although, of course, the repair will depend on the origin of the leak. We tell you what to do in each case.

Leaks by damaged or discolored tiles.

In old roofs and traditional constructions it is usual that there are no asphalt fabrics under the roof tiles as in modern buildings. So if a tile moves or breaks, it stops working as a water barrier.

In this case it is best to contact a professional so that you can safely climb on the roof and proceed to place or replace defective tiles. In villages where there are many cats, it is advisable to also fix the tiles of their passage areas in some way to prevent them from moving. On the other hand, if we find many tiles in poor condition and the presence of many areas with water leaks, it is possible that the best solution is found by changing the entire roof.

Leaks due to bad waterproofing.

Another aspect that must be checked when it is detected that water is entering the interior of the house through the roof, is the protection against installed water. On many occasions the roof waterproofing fails in the joining areas , in places like chimneys or in joints with other buildings.

If this is the place where the leak has begun, it will be very important to find a professional to proceed to waterproof the surface. This is a major job, so it is very important to contact an expert who offers guarantees.

Filtration due to gutter problems.

When the water begins to seep from the roof through the areas closest to the facade, it is convenient to check the condition of the gutters. There are several reasons why water may be leaking from the river drainage system. The most common is usually the presence of an obstruction in the gutters or downspouts. Usually caused by the accumulation of remains such as leaves, branches or feathers that cause the water to stagnate.

However, it is also possible that poor periodic maintenance of the gutters has caused cracks or breaks in the ducts. Making the water seep through the facade or roof as it cannot flow normally. Finally, one must also consider a bad installation. Sometimes changing the configuration or inclination of the gutters is the solution to a leakage problem.

Whatever the origin, in case of any problem with the rainwater collection system, do not forget to contact a professional specialized in the installation of gutters in Perth . Only an expert can solve a leak in the rain channels.

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