How to plan a perfect budget wedding in Delhi?

Planning a grand wedding in Delhi will surely require a huge investment. You must be aware of the cost of this grand celebration that would be filled with so much glamour. When you will start planning as well as executing the wedding then only you will realize how even simple arrangements will be costing. The whole planning with the budget is one the tedious tasks as you need to look closely every element of the wedding that includes venues, catering, décor, attires, photographer as well as the gifts.

It is always advised to stick to a particular budget for all the important aspects of the wedding. This helps to have a hold on all the spending for the wedding. So here we are with a step-by-step guide can help you out with an intelligent budget structure that can restore the grace of your ceremony and that too at an affordable cost.

Make a plan for your budget in detail

It’s better to pen down all your requirements and prices in front of them for each and every vendor that you want to hire for your wedding. We also advise you to look for multiple options of such vendors as well that will help you to choose the best one suiting your budget.

Finalizing the venue

The venue is the most important part of the wedding and with the current trends of Indian weddings, you require multiple venues for your functions. Delhi, being the hub of everything has multiple options for venues suiting all kinds of budgets. There are so many wedding hotels in Chattarpur that offer great services at affordable prices that can be selected for the wedding.

Go for fewer flowers

Wedding décor is incomplete without flowers but if you don’t waste too many flowers for the décor the budget can be managed properly. It is advised to limit the use to save some money.

Try to go shopping in offseason

We are all aware of the fact that clothes, as well as jewellery, get more expensive in the wedding season. So we advise you to buy your lehenga and jewellery in the off-season. If you are lucky enough then you can even get your dress at a 50% discount!

Be smart with the guest list

Just think of it, do you really want to invite 500 people to your wedding. When you are tight on funds, then it will be wise enough to keep your guest list to the minimum.

Try to bring out a list of those guests that are really essential for you to call. Obviously, this would include your cousins, relatives, and some really close friends.

We hope these tips will help you have a perfect wedding on your budget.

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