How To Succeed CBSE Class 12 Math and Physics

Board exams are tension inducing terms for the parents and students. CBSE board exams require prompt and swift attention and concentration from the students to excel.

CBSE board exams are the base for the student to qualify for the professional studies, which the student wish to choose as their career. Before you begin preparations for the exams, make a 100% attempt to completely know the pattern of the examination by going through the sample paper or previous years paper.

There are sample papers available for each and every subject. Solving and understanding CBSE sample paper class 12 physics, maths, chemistry or biology gives you a brief idea about the toughness that you can expect in board examinations along with acquiring knowledge on the important questions to expect.

Importance Of Solving Sample Papers

Remember the golden rule of life “practice makes man perfect.” Be it a board or the classroom examination, practising the sample papers gives you an edge and a high level of confidence to face the examinations.

Some subjects require adequate practice, especially subjects like mathematics. So, practising CBSE sample paper class 12 maths gives you a chance to analyse and be thorough with the concepts. Analysis can be done only when you solve sample papers and previous years question papers.

Remember, solving sample papers is definitely a key to success but it is not only the way to success. Make mind to solve each sample paper within particular time-frame (duration as of examination). This helps to know the time required by you to solve the paper and helps you enhance your time-management skills.

Understand the pattern and improve the speed, know the part which is difficult and time-consuming to you, so that you can wisely monitor the time wastage on it and cover the scoring sections.

Know the marks allotted for each question and answer it relevantly, so that you don’t waste time for a question with low weightage.

Solving CBSE sample paper class 12 maths or CBSE sample paper class 12 physics gives the idea of the important formulas and laws that you need to know. To succeed the board and competitive exams follow BYJU’S! To have practical learning experience stay tuned with BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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