Jeff Lupient WIFE Has Aided Him to Achieve Exceptional Success in Life

Jeff Lupient WIFE and hemake a perfect couple. Jeffis a well-known and respected entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach. His wife on the other hand, has provided him with her unwavering support and guidance which went a long way in enabling him to become one of the most successful businessmen of the industry. Jeff Lupient essentially is the current present and CEO of the much renowned car dealership network, the Lupient Automotive Group. This business is highly renowned for maintaining of distinguished high-performing car dealerships in and around the region of Minnesota.  It in fact is one of the best performing family dealership businesses of the region, and enjoys a great amount of trust among the people of the neighborhood. He is known for achieving a great success in the automotive industry in just a short while, as well as for his general drive, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Jeff Lupient WIFE guided him towards becoming a well-respected name in the automotive industry. Jeff Lupient had started doing odd jobs and tasks in his family car dealership business from the young age of 15.  Jeff Lupientthen was tasked with running multiple types of errands, such as making small deliveries, doing customer service, and even cleaning cars whenever required.   This was the small start to his long career in the automotive industry, and in the domain of car dealerships. When Jeff Lupient WIFE and he got married, it was one of the most important moments of his life. Apart from his personal life, his wife has also played quite an important role in aiding him to achieve great professional success.

Back in high school, Jeff Lupient used to be quite a popular sports star. He also used to be an honor roll student prior to going on to study at the well-established Hamline University that is located in Minnesota’s St. Paul area. He studied business and management there.  It was during this time that Jeff Lupient ultimately decided to join his family business, the Lupient Automotive Group. His father, Jim Lupient was one of the biggest names in the automotive industry of the region back them.  He was even named as the Quality Dealer of the Year by the prestigious TIME Magazine in 1990, as well as in 1992. He was facilitated with the American Dealer of the Year Award by the Sports Illustrated. All these factors implied that Jeff Lupienthad quite big shoes to fill, and he did manage to exactly do that with extreme efficiency. Jeff Lupient WIFE was one of the people who always held the belief that he would perfectly be able to fill these shoes.  She always encouraged him to give his best in every aspect of life, whether its personal or professional.

Jeff Lupient currently boasts of having more than a decade of extensive management experienced and emerged as an extremely efficient head of his family’s car dealership network, the Lupient Automotive Group. Not only he has managed to keep the business afloat, but had also played a major role in taking its success to new heights.  His dedication towards his work, and the strong evidence of his success, subsequently earned him the position of the chairman of the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association in the state of Minnesota. He held this well respected position for five long years, from 2012 to 2018. Today the Lupient Automotive Groups is regarded to be one of the most popular dealerships in the Minneapolis neighborhood for multiple well known car brands, such as Chevrolet, Buick, Infiniti and Kia. Jeff Lupient was additionally awarded with the highly prestigious Infiniti Award of Excellence for 2008, 2009 and 2010 due to his impeccable performance. During this time he served as an Executive Manager of the company.  According to him, without Jeff Lupient WIFE and her guidance he essentially would not be able to this incredible success and prosperity.

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