Jim Feldkamp Takes Great Nature Photography on a Cloudy Day

Nature photography depends on your sensitivity to the natural light above everything else. You have certainly heard that for good landscape photography by James Feldkamp, you usually want sunlit conditions, late or early in the day when the light is soft and low. Nevertheless, this does not apply to every condition, and eventful lifestyles do not always permit people to choose the conditions in which one takes the photos.

Have you ever premeditated and kept back a day to go out and practice your nature photography, only to wake up to cloudy, grey skies? There are many circumstances that suit cloudy skies very well; in effect, there are some conditions when cloudy skies are the finest option for a good nature photo.

Here are just a few circumstances by Jim Feldkamp that you could discover when cloudy weather portends to disrupt your photography jaunt.

  1. Rainforest Photography– When the sun shines lustrously through the rainforest covering; it creates patches of shade and light that make perfect revelation next to impossible. You basically cannot manage the disparity in these conditions. Jim Feldkamp believes that cloudy weather is truly the greatest way to take good rainforest photographs. Some would say the gloomier the better, because if your rainforest is high enough to be in the vapors, you can seize some very atmospheric murky effects in the woodland.
  2. Wildlife Photography– Bright sunshine can be a difficulty when shooting nature. In the central part of the day, the sun can produce heavy shadows which make contact difficult and steal your photo of essential detail and colour that gives the subject its charm. Poorest of all, sunlight can create shades on the face of your focus. As you know, the serious part of any decent wildlife photo is the eyes. If the eyes in your photograph are lost in shade, the private connection with the subject is gone.
  3. Sunset Photography– Clouds create a much more stimulating sunset photo than clear skies. All you want is for the sun to advance the clouds as they cross the skyline. A good nature photographer like James Feldkamp acquires to read the sky and try to forecast what is coming. Frequently on a cloudy, grey day you will observe that the only cover of clear sky is far away near the vista. If that is the instance, you can go in search of a good location and prepare for your sunset photo.

With a bit of chance, there will be numerous breaks in the clouds before the sun sets down. If so, you could be on the location to photograph remarkable sunbeams, a truly delightful effect that every nature photographer like Jim Feldkamp hopes to detain.

Like all things in nature photography, all the preparation in the world means nothing without a bit of blessing. You may get your photograph all set up, only to see the breach in the clouds close and your likelihood of a good photo evaporate. Tenacity wins in the end, so keep trying and from time to time you will come to pass with some incredible sunset photographs.

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