Magnetic closure rigid packaging now famous for safe products in 2020


The magnetic closure rigid boxes offer products with an enhanced level of security, protection, and safety during shipping and storage at retail shops or homes.

Boxes have always been in use to enhance the levels of safety for products and items. Since modernization, boxes are used for protection. In old times, these cases were used to provide the utmost level of security to products during their shipping from one place to another. The most notable material used for this packaging style was wood. The safety of products was the only concern of packaging at that time, and it still is. However, there are other reasons to use containers as well. The magnetic closure rigid boxes are used all around the world for the same reasons of secureness and protectiveness to items offered by businesses.

Why Packaging Exist Every Where

The foremost reason for using containers is to provide unlimited forms of security to products packed inside. Many industries use the assistance of these containers to provide safe havens to their items of sale. The most common products that are assisted with magnetic closure rigid boxes include jewelry, watches, stationery items like pens, etc. These industries want to secure their fragile and expensive products. Moreover, consumers are always attracted to boxes that reflect the qualities of protection. These boxes also enhance the credibility of the brand offering it. Other than customer attraction and credibility, these containers are also considered as luxury or premium packaging for items. Many pieces of jewelry, perfume, and watch brands like Swarovski, Gucci, and Rado, respectively, offer these containers.

Every product needs a packaging type that enables them to have the utmost level of secureness. Security and safety are the two major factors of using custom magnetic boxes. It is in the nature of human beings to attain any mechanism that provides security to their belongings. Take the example of cars, homes, money, and other valuable belongings. People have modern alarm systems, and trackers for cars, alarms for homes, banks for money, and the list goes on. Safety is in nature as it brings out the instincts of being humane.

Considering all these, consumers must want a packaging type that secures their products too. Other than the perspective of consumers, businesses also need to have an adequate box type of safeguarding their products that are bound to sell. It provides the items a way to have an increased life of shelf too. Boxes preserve and maintain the true nature of products for longer spans that enhances the shelf value.

The custom magnetic closure boxes are famous for safe products, and their popularity has brought great demand for their use in 2020. Every year, some new trends and standards set the bar high. Despite the high standards and needs of users, these boxes always come in handy. Innovation has helped these cases to have a heightened image in consumers’ eyes. Some of the most popular trends and points of signifying prominence are given as follows:

  1. Foolproof hidden magnets

The beginning of the use of these boxes was an innovation itself, but time always brings out the best in things. Time changes everything, including the face of things and the way to use them. For a very long time, these boxes had magnets that were prominent on the case. Anyone who came across them could see the magnets, and somehow, it got boring. There was a great need to bring change to the face of these containers.

Like every other time, it happened again. Innovation in these cases brought the best out of them. Manufacturers found a way to hide the magnets. The chipboards were attached with magnets, and these boards were then covered with laminated sheets using adhesives. At this time, these boxes are used as foolproof boxes to hold the most value able products. These products and items mostly include jewelry and watches.

In 2020, there is a massive demand for these boxes as they are the best. Other than safety, the outlook and visual appeal of these containers are also to be considered as an important feature that comes without the bargain. Appearance matters a lot for consumers and brand owners. Consumers select their products by perceiving their packaging style, and they want the best of everything. Businesses want to attract customers, and they have to enhance their appearance. Normally, there is no need for decorative items on these boxes as they look premium without any engravings, illustrations, and printed items.

Therefore, to satisfy the needs of consumers, manufacturers offer the sleekest design formats that reflect the elegance of magnetic boxes with the utmost protection. The safety and appealing appearance of these containers make them famous for safe products.

  1. Rigidity through chipboards

Considering safety as the main prospective of usage for magnetic packaging boxes, these are made out of the highest forms of material. Several materials can be used to produce these encasements, including recycled Bux Boards, Kraft sheets, and hard Cardboards; however, the most appropriate solution of material choice is chipboard.

Chipboards are also known as particleboards and are manufactured by using wood chips. The thin layers of these sheets are used to manufacture these boxes. Moreover, these are not the only thing that helps the finishing of these containers.

The safety is reinforced by the use of layers of Kraft paper, Cardboard paper, or a simple wrapping paper. Moreover, the wrapping paper is enhanced with the printing of high formats to give the best finishing to the boxes. These boxes are the best safety assistance for products, and it is the only reason for their massive use.

  1. Innovative locking mechanism

Flip-top boxes with magnetic catch indeed offer adequate protection and safety, but manufacturers are coming up with new ways to enhance the features. Maintaining the safety of jewelry and other products is troublesome. Therefore, using innovative locking mechanisms on these containers can enhance protection to the maximum.

These innovative locks can be modified using fingerprint scanners, security codes, and roll in lock numbers. However, these will act more like collapsible rigid boxes than product boxes, but storing products of the utmost importance can be stored in these containers.

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