Make a Statement with Men’s Gold Chain

It is a misconception where gold is considered as women’s love as it’s not entirely true. Men also love gold, be it gold chains, gold bracelets, gold rings or any other accessories made of gold. Among all these accessories, mens gold chains are one of those things which are considered as the style statement in this modern era.

There are times when people think men should wear gold chains? The answer to this question depends on you and what you like. If you like wearing mens gold chains, then there is nothing wrong with wearing them. For centuries, men are wearing gold jewelry all around the globe. Gold is the symbol of wealth, prestige and status and wearing a gold chain will make you the epitome of style.

If you have never worn a gold chain, then at the start, you may find it a bit uncomfortable, but given the time you will be comfortable wearing it. The men’s gold chains come in various styles, size and look and that’s why before buying it you should know what type of gold chain you are looking for.

How to Style the Gold Chain?

Men are known for their style and personality and wearing mens Cuban link chains can add volume to your look. But the question remains what you want your chain to look like and speak about you. You can also say how magnificent you want your chain to be?

  • Most men aim for the subtle and stylish look, and that can be achieved by wearing a classic men gold chain which can easily match with their attire. Remember a classic yet stylish, subtle look never goes out of fashion.
  • If you want to catch the attention of the people, then you can get outrageous and eye-catchy men’s gold chains. These chains can be heavy, and not all men can pull them on.
  • Some men wear 2-4 gold chains together all of the different texture, size and width. Wearing these chains together will make your centrepiece of the crowd.

You even need to consider the shape of your face while buying the gold chain for you. If you have a round face, then longer and V-shaped chains will look good on you, however, if you have pointed chin and thinner face then choker style or short gold chains will suit you.

Even the color of the gold chain also matters, so while choosing the mens gold chains, you can choose yellow gold, rose or white gold chain.

What Should Be the Length of Gold Chain?

The length of mens gold chains can vary from 14 inches to 30 inches or even more depending upon your choice. 

  • The chain with 14-18 inches is considered as the choker style chain. The choker is the chain that fits firmly on your neck and is always visible from above your clothes. The length of the choker can depend on the width of your neck, as sometimes an 18 inches chain can be too tight for you.
  • The mens gold chains of 20-24 inches long are the most common chain length. The chain with 20 inches falls between the first and second button of the men’s shirt. The chain with 22- or 24-inches length falls on your chest, and you can place it inside or outside the shirt. 
  • The gold chains with 26-30 inches are the chain that is in the category of bling which is meant for wearing it outside the shirt. A chain of this length will attract people’s eyes and can make your presence felt in the crowd.

You can use pendants, crosses or dog tags with your gold chain to make a strong statement.

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