New Dog Parents – How to Read Pet Food Labels of The Best Dog Food

If you are a new dog parent and how just welcomed a furry baby into your lives, you need to make the new member of your family with good food and comfort. Dog food is essential for the healthy growth and development of your pet. However, when you visit the market, you will find several brands available on the shelves, and choosing the right one for your dog can be a daunting task. New dog parents should consult their vets and learn how to read pet food labels so that they are assured that their dogs are getting the adequate nutrition they deserve for complete healthy growth.

Understand what a pet food label means for the best dog food?

When you are in the market, buying the best dog food for your pet, make informed choices. Every dog is different, and there is no “one food fits all.” You should read the pet food label carefully as it is a legal document that is regulated by the Association of American Feed Control and is the major means of communication between you and the manufacturers of the dog food.

How can you decipher dog food labels?

When you are already read the label, it is obvious you will be confused. You will come across nutritional facts and ingredients. You first need to understand what they mean. Second, you might come across a term endorsed by the Association Of American Feed Control called ‘guaranteed analysis”- this again is another term you should understand well before you buy the product.

Difference between nutrients and ingredients

Ingredients refer to the sources that give your dog the nutrients he needs for growth and development. They are the food components that support healthy bones, muscles, and skin. For instance, if the food is lamb dog food, it will give your dog nutrients like vitamins, essential fatty acids, and protein. Their weight often lists ingredients. For instance, wet dog food like lamb beef and chicken are heavier than dry dog food with grains, vitamins, and meals. These ingredients are often first on the list.

Understanding guaranteed analysis

This term indicates the maximum or the minimum levels of nutrients that the dog good contains, like, for instance, proteins, moisture, fiber, and fat. However, it will never indicate the precise levels of nutrients present in the dog food. The moisture levels in different brands of dog food vary and so it is hard to predict the exact amount of moisture present in them.

Therefore, when you are buying the best dog food for your pet, ensure that you keep the above factors in mind. The pet food label should be carefully read so that your dog gets the nutrition he needs for a healthy mind and body. However, make sure you consult your vet if you have a dog with allergies and other food sensitivities for further advice. There are special brands of dog food easily available to them, so you do not need to worry at all!

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