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Pros and Cons of Using Fake Urine to Pass Drug Test

People who do drugs every day must be aware of the fact that there is always a chance that someone can ask them to do a drug test. Parents, employers, court, even an emotional partner; depending on the situation, sometimes you can get away with that, and sometimes you just can’t.

Companies have to protect their interests and a good reputation. In order to prevent any kind of workplace accident, they rely on drug tests in situations mentioned on the link below:


So, if there is a chance that you might undergo a second test, you must be prepared. No one will give you too long before testing, maybe a few days. You can help yourself with numerous products for cleansing or masking drug metabolites. But if this is too much of a bug or any other reason prevents you from using these products, some alternatives will help you to beat a drug test.

Urinalysis Is the Most Common Drug Test

For employers and others who want to test someone on the presence of illicit substances, the easiest and most cost-effective way is a urine drug analysis. For the at-home test, the sample is easy to collect, it can be done anytime, and these kits can be purchased at very affordable prices in the local pharmacy store or on the Internet. The accuracy of these type of screening is not perfect, but the degree of opiate detection is high and gives a solid basis for further examination.

If we talk about urinalyses conducted in laboratories, the main advantages of these analyses are low costs, fast realization, and results done in a couple of hours. Most companies and public institutions, like court or police, rely on this method.

Use of Synthetic Urine

Since urinalysis is the most widely used method of testing for illicit substances, drug users came up with many techniques on how to pass or fool it. Synthetic urine is not a revolutionary invention since it has been used for a long time to test the correctness of laboratory equipment.

Among different brands and price range, everyone can find something for themselves. However, not all are equally effective. So before you decide which one to buy, look for some referrals and good reviews in order to get yourself the best synthetic urine.

Use of fake pee to beat urine drug tests caused a real boom in the market. People now can choose between several hundred different products, as the use of counterfeit pee is on the rise. For home drug tests, this product has proven to be infallible. However, when you go to a formal drug screening, sneaking in this fake pee carries a certain risk.

Advantages of Fake Urine

Synthetic urine should replace the urinary sample that is contaminated. Here’s the list of why most people rely on this product when it comes to beating a drug test.

Use It when Short Notice

Fake pee is the best solution when you do not have too much time to clean your body of drug traces or to purchase a product that will mask toxic metabolites. Just run to the nearest store, truck stop or gas station, and provide yourself with a clean urine sample. Preparing a fake urine sample takes only a few minutes, and you can store it for the next day.

It’s a Good Investment

Kits for passing a drug test with fake pee contain all the necessary equipment and cost from several tens up to several hundred dollars. The stuff you get in this set, such as synthetic urine belt or heating pads, can be used multiple times.

This is a good ‘investment’ if you are often tested for the presence of illegal substances. Only synthetic urine in a liquid or powdered form is not expensive. And every next time, you only buy fake pee, because you already have the necessary equipment for transporting the clean pee to the sampling cup.

Counterfeit as Good as the Original

Both liquid and powdered forms of fake pee have the same properties as natural urine. This refers to physical characteristics such as look and smell, but also to the specific weight, acidity, and presence of chemical compounds. The only thing to keep in mind is the optimal temperature, which should fix before peeing in a cup.

What Can Go Wrong with Fake Pee?

Not everyone can use synthetic urine. Not because of product limitations, but because not everyone is capable of this kind of fraud. People sometimes get nervous and become suspicious. If you are among them, maybe this way of faking a drug test is not for you. There is a risk, and here’s what to pay attention to.

It Can Be Identified

Although the copy is true to the original, there is always a chance that lab tests will identify synthetic urine. In addition to the optimal heat, which significant variations are the primary indicators of the invalid sample, there is a whole set of parameters which can identify fake pee. If this cause you fail a drug test, here are some tips on how to find employment.

Failure in Mixing Compounds

Mistakes when making a sample are possible if you use a powdered form of fake urine. There is precisely a certain amount of water and powder that you have to mix, and even the slightest variation can ruin your sample. Diluted specimen will cause suspicious, and probably be sent to further examination. In the liquid form of synthetic urine, this risk does not exist because it is a ready-made mixture that only needs to warm up to the optimal temperature.

It’s Illegal

In some countries, the production and the use of synthetic urine are entirely prohibited, even if you are not planning to use it for faking a drug test. If you get caught, the consequences will not only be to re-test for illegal substances. Sanctions are more significant insofar as they are followed by monetary fines, but also various prohibitions. For example, if you are a driver or machine operator, authorities can suspend your driving or working license until further notice.

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