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Re-Enactment of Truck Accidents During Investigations

In the course of an investigation, truck accidents are often re-enacted to find out possible reasons for the crash. This reconstruction or re-enactment of an accident is made possible through inspection of the accident scene and collection of relevant evidence from the accident.

While inspecting the scene, some evidence to look out for includes damage done to each vehicle, as well as skid marks and other markings at the accident scene.

Both parties always have their own version of the incident, and always deny responsibility. This is why testimonies alone are not enough in such cases. Also, the court only accepts tangible evidence including a video of the accident the way it occurred and that would only be possible if there was initially a camera around the area the accident occurred, or a re-enactment of the accident is made.

Most truck crashes, especially 18 wheelers, are investigated by the police and by other highway patrol officers. The first thing they do is analyse the circumstances surrounding the accident and looking at it from all angles. During such incidents, the insurance companies of the vehicles involved in the crash are often in attendance to work through the investigation and see the outcome. It is best to call a lawyer whose specialty is truck accidents, so that they could also visit the scene during the investigation to take down details and evidence on how to help you -especially in cases where you incurred damage because of the fault of another person.

Why you need the services of an expert lawyer…

According to Greg Baumgartner, a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer, it is of utmost importance to seek the services of a lawyer specialized in this area, especially in cases of loss of life as a result of the accident. The victim must follow due procedure to sue for negligence as well as compensation.

Also, you need hard evidence that can be admissible in court to prove your innocence in the accident and also hold your insurance companies to pay up. Not any lawyer can work with you on 18 wheeler truck accident cases unless it is their specialty. The re-enactment of the accident scene is the key to getting a ruling in your favour and getting compensation from the other party involved.

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