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Receive Your Chocolate Bouquet – Read Here To Know How!

Different people have different favorites – but if you happen to be one of those individuals who is a chocolate addict, then this article’s meant for you! With a lot of chocolate brands coming out today at various markets, it is becoming a very easy task to create chocolate bouquets & gourmet gifts. But if you opt to create your own, then read on to see the methods and steps to create your dosage of chocolates!

Gather some chocolates! You will need about maybe two or more little chocolates to create a rose. You can create roses for your bouquet for as many as you want. If you opt to achieve the traditional-looking rose bouquet, then you might as well take 24 little pieces of chocolate and make a dozen roses in the picture.

Remove the chocolate cover. Pill the little paper tab from each chocolate yet, make sure not to unwrap the candy. If the pack comes undone, twist them back together. Don’t mind the paper ripping – only make sure that it’s not visible.

Secure two chocolates together to create a rosebud. You may opt to place a glue dot or make use of double-sided tape on the bottom of the chocolate and place another piece on top to create a diamond or a rosebud shape. Repeat these steps until you achieve your desired number. However, take note to use glues that are being used for scrapbooking and not actual glue.

Wrap cellophane square over a rosebud to make it look like a wrapped lollipop. Pick up a rosebud that you created, and choose and end to be the top. Put the cellophane square over the surface and make sure that it’s centered.

Wrap the cellophane around the stick. Opt to hold the rosebud by the bottom of your one hand and keep the wrapped cellophane together. Then use your other hand to slide the tip of the stick into the cellophane. Twist them together to lock and secure it with tape – green florist’s tape is more preferred then wrap it all down. Create more roses and arrange it in your bouquet.

Create paper cut-out bouquet – cut your created flower shapes onto colored cardstock. Opt to make use of large, flower-shaped cutters to trace flower shapes to the colorful cardstocks, then  cut them out with a pair of scissors. Create as many as you want but it is being more preferred to create 5-6 petals for each flower. Then glue a green florist stick at the back of each flower you created, also consider creating leaves.

Place double-sided tapes at the back of the paper and stick chocolates. Place small wrapped chocolates onto each back of the petal of your flower ad in the center.

Place a foam into the vase to hold everything in place. It is being more preferred to make use of floral foam, but if you happen to not find any then Styrofoams will work too.

Stick everything into the foam. Arrange the chocolate flowers in staggered rows and push them into the first row as far as it reaches and the one a little away.

But if you find it hard to create your own, make your life easy and order chocolate bouquets & gourmet gifts Online! Make sure that before you buy chocolates, first look for its best before the date to ensure that you are using and will be eating right chocos.

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