Should You Change the Car Oil Filter by Yourself?

Every car user, and car owner knows that frequent oil change is an indispensable component of vehicle maintenance that involves replacement of not only the oil but also the oil filter. It is usually done the same time as oil change, as that it considered only as a part of the entire process. Even though this job is offered by every auto repair shop, there are some car enthusiasts who love to take up the charge and do it themselves, while saving the money that the bill could have charged. But the experts say, that changing the car oil filter all by themselves presupposes one condition that you know the job really well, rather than assuming you do.

To help you come to a conclusion we are here with a few aspects of car oil filter change that you’re going to face invariably. Check out if you already know about all these, before taking up the task yourself.

Why You Need to Change the Filter So Often

Engine oil plays more active roles in running your car than mere lubricating the engine parts to make things moving. As it flows over the hot surfaces, it helps in dispersing the generated heat and cooling down the engine keeping the heat-sensitive parts working properly. Then, thanks to the additives consistent in the engine oil that also work like a detergent cleaning off the unwanted internal components while the oil flows over their surfaces. The engine oil moves in a cyclic order carrying with it tiny particles of dust, metal and debris, that have the capacity to damage the system by clogging the pathways. It is to prevent them from causing this damage that the oil filter comes in that lays a layer of microscopic holes made of fibers to allow the oil pass in flow while retaining back the unwanted materials. To keep your engine oil away from contamination, it is important to keep changing the filter in regular intervals. The job isn’t easy for the ones who doesn’t know the process well, and isn’t difficult for the ones, who have a good knowledge about all its relevant parts.

Changing the Oil Filter

The first and foremost difficulty in the procedure of oil change as well as changing its filter all by yourself, is worrying about the hot spills and the mess it can create. But as the oil filter is usually placed above the oil pan, the act of pouring it out won’t be that worrisome.

To make things happen smoothly, it is suggested to idle the car and allow the engine to cool down a bit, before you start to change the oil filter. The tools and materials you need to keep handy are, a set of oil changing wrenches, an oil filter changing pan and a few rags to keep things clean, and lastly a pair of gloves to save yourself from getting burns.

The process will involve the following steps:

Filling the oil, wait for some time to soak in, topping up the oil level off, rubbing the filter an around its brim, and finally installing it.

So, if you are ready to undergo these tasks with a calm mind, there’s no harm in trying to change the oil filter all by yourself.

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