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Some of the Best Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Air Conditioners

As per the NOAA 2019 Global Climate Summary, it was reported that the combined land and ocean temperature, since 1880, has risen at an average rate of 0.07 degrees Celsius per decade. However, it was mentioned that the average rate of the increase in temperature since 1981 was 0.18 degrees Celsius, highlighting the alarming rate at which global temperatures have been on the rise over the last 4 decades. India, just four years ago recorded its highest temperature ever, with temperatures reaching 51 degrees Celsius, while Delhi recorded its highest June temperature last year, when the temperatures shot up to 48 degrees Celsius.

With conventional and traditional cooling methods, such as ceiling and portable fans no longer being enough to provide reprieve from the blistering heat, consumers are now turning towards alternative cooling solutions, with the most popular among them being air conditioners. We now have various types of air conditioners, which are used for various purposes. The best AC for home, however, are split and window air conditioners, and leading AC brands have understood the importance of providing budget-friendly air conditioning units that are also energy efficient.

Energy efficient air conditioners not only reduce electricity costs by consuming relatively less energy, but they are also environment friendly. AC brands now also use eco-friendly refrigerants, which do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Furthermore, with BEE providing star ratings to air conditioners, one can opt for 5-star rated air conditioning units, which usually are the best AC units available in the market. If you are planning on purchasing the best AC for home, here are a few options that are currently available, which are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

1.Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (Copper SI/SO-15T5SCIA White)

The Sanyo 1.5 Ton Split AC comes equipped with duo cool inverter technology, where the AC houses two independent rotors in the compressor, which ensures faster and more energy-efficient cooling. The AC also comes with a host of impressive features, such as anti-dust filters to remove pollen and other allergens from the air, auto-restart feature, Glacier Mode which allows for 35 percent higher fan speed, thereby cooling down the room instantly, and eco-function, where the AC optimizes its performance for an energy-efficient operation. This Sanyo AC is also one of the best ACs for homes, as it comes with a 5-star rating and a 1.5 ton cooling capacity, which is enough to cool down a medium-sized room. It also comes with the R-32 refrigerant, which is environment-friendly.

2.LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (Copper, KS-Q18HNZD, White, Hi Grooved Copper)

When it comes to trusted brands in electronics and home appliances, LG is one of the first names we tend to think of. The LG 1.5 Ton Split AC comes with a plethora of impressive features, such as magic display, HD filter, 2-way air swing, dual inverter, Himalaya Cool mode and Monsoon Comfort mode. This LG AC uses dual cool technology to keep electricity costs low, and uses the R-32 refrigerant to protect the environment, making it eco-friendly. Furthermore, its HD filter removes harmful substances from the air, such as bacteria and dust, while it comes with a 5-star energy rating, making it energy efficient.

3.Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC – White  (Estrella CAW12ET3N8F0, Copper Condenser)

Providing energy savings up to 15 percent, compared to other non-inverter 1 star window ACs, the Carrier 1 Ton Window AC is one of the best budget-friendly options currently available in the market. Priced at Rs. 21,996, it is also the best AC under 25000. This AC comes equipped with anti-bacterial and dust filters, while sporting a copper condenser, which improves its efficiency. Furthermore, this Carrier AC also boasts impressive features such as auto-restart, which restarts the AC automatically after a power cut, and Sleep Mode, which automatically adjusts the room temperature to optimal levels without human intervention, ensuring that you sleep comfortably.

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