Soundcloud Likes Are The Biggest Challenge To Success In Your Career

SoundCloud is a platform that is full of challenges and opportunities. A community with over 75 million people all trying to make a breakthrough in the world of music is the best place to promote your work. See more about this network here.

Even though many people think that logging on the page and uploading your tracks is everything that needs to be done. This is completely not true. When you register, you did just 1% of the needed work.

From that point on, you need to work, and work a little more. Every aspect needs complete devotion, a lot of learning about the different things, and finally creativity and imagination. If you think you can handle all this at once, you’re going to do great. If not, you’ll be just another person in the sea of people all trying to get on the surface.

The most important part of being successful on the network is the number of likes you get when people listen to your songs. That’s how you’ll understand if people like your stuff or not. If you get plays, but not likes, it means that your listeners are not so impressed to click the like button.

It’s normal to get more plays than likes. Not everyone likes to log in and share their credentials just to like your work. This is a problem not just for you, seeing that people don’t like what they listen, but for future listeners too.

What does this mean? It means that getting way more plays than likes will make people think that your work is not good enough for their attention. For example, you have a song that has great success and a lot of people come to your profile to listen to it. However, most of them are coming from outside SoundCloud. Then, any SoundCloud visitor will see the gap between these and will think that your work is not worthy enough.

How to solve this problem

There is a simple solution to it. You can buy SoundCloud likes. Some people don’t like this idea, but consider it marketing because that’s what this is. Marketing is creating an image that the consumer likes to see. Here, we create an image of success of your song.

It’s a bigger problem when you have no visits on your tracks. If you have no friends or family online you won’t be able to get a single play. Getting people to listen to your work is complex. You need to use special tools and ideas to get it out there.

In this case, you’ll have to buy some plays and some likes too. When you do that, people will see your tracks and think they’re late for something amazing. They’ll rush to listen to what you did.

The problem here is what kind of song you published. If it’s not good enough, the few plays you’ll get at the beginning will be the end of it. For more, you’ll have to something extraordinary. Thousands of tracks are uploaded daily and you need to differ from them. You need to be better and unique.

The combination of quality and marketing is the best

All this tells you that you can’t do without marketing, but you also can’t do without hard work. The two things go together. If you can manage both, be sure that success is inevitable. See more on the subject here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/train-your-creativity-marketing/211748/.

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies all doing amazing marketing campaigns. However, they are often so expensive that only big and rich stars can afford it. If you’re just starting your career, chances are big you have no funds for such things. Still, buying some SoundCloud features is very affordable and everyone can do it.


It’s easy for John Legend or Lil Pump to get the attention from their fans and followers. They are already established and successful. For you, a young artist trying to break through, every like is hard to get and important.

That’s why following the advice we told you above is a smart thing to do. Work your way to the top and never give up. If you can’t get out of the bubble of anonymity, don’t hesitate to do the steps needed for solving this problem.

It’s not cheating and it’s not anything that you should be ashamed of. Everyone is doing it and it’s the only way to get to the charts. It’s easy to see every song of your favorite star how they have thousands of plays and likes in the first few minutes of publishing, but have you ever seen how low profile musicians struggle with the same thing?

Feel free to do something about it and make your way through. It’s the only way to go up.

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