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Steps to starting your own blog

If you have a deep passion for writing and want to put your talent to test, blogging is just the right thing for you. Blogging is on an all-time rise, and it is just the right time for anyone to become a blogger. A blogger is someone who writes on the topic that he relates to by adding various photographs, videos, memes, links of other websites, and quotes.

A blogger, along with their topic or genre of interest, has to be aware of all the trending and relevant topics as well and must include them in their writing. They must write in a clear, concise, and comprehensive manner. They should also come up with new and engaging content for their readers on a regular basis.

If you want to get into the world of blogging and want to become a successful blogger, follow the mentioned steps to start your blog:

1)Choose a blogging platform

Before even choosing a platform, you need to be clear about the content that you will be dealing with on your blog. You must figure out all the types of topics you would be dealing with and must know which genre of writing you would apply for those topics.

Once you have researched on the top blogging sites, choose the site which best suits the tone and nature of your blog. The current best blogging platforms to choose from consist of myvu, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

2)Choose a domain

Any new blogger comes up with the primary struggle to come up with a unique domain for their blog. A domain is nothing but a virtual address or URL by which a reader can recognize your site from other sites. To come up with a domain name that best describes your blog and also to consider a name that has not been used before is quite a difficult task that an up and coming blogger faces.

3)Choose a hosting service

After choosing a perfect domain name, you need to choose an appropriate hosting service as well. A hosting company would store your website in their server and display it whenever a user requests for your site. A blogger should choose their service wisely by picking the ones which offer proper security, reliability, customer care support, and has good speed.

4)Blog Design

Before your blog is ready for action, make sure it looks good. For that, you need to come up with a blog design that best suits your content. A proper blog design should consist of a proper ‘about me’ section, header and footer, easy navigation, search menu, comments section, and archives.

5)Choose your initial topics

Once you have dealt with all these problems, analyze the exact topics that you would write for your blog. The initial topics are the factors that are going to define your blog. Do research on all the trending and relevant topics and write with keeping these things in mind.

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