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The beer history behind the Amsterdam museum

You have arrived in Amsterdam and you have stumbled upon the pleasant surprise that they have a great variety of liquors and beers. You have already visited that Amsterdam museum you wanted to check out so much. I take this opportunity to recommend you the Moco Museum, where their artworks give a complete twist to the way we see our reality. Now it’s time to give your palate a roller coaster of flavors and totally new and rewarding experiences. It’s time to taste the best beers and spirits in the world. But it’s not enough just to taste them. In Amsterdam you learn about the preparation process, their different flavors and above all, the right way to taste each drink. Remember that liquors and beers are also works of art that deserve to be tasted properly.

Heineken with a VIP touch

Among the great beer brands worldwide, Heineken is one that stands out for its taste and texture. This excellent beer was born in Amsterdam and here you can live a unique tasting experience thanks to the Heineken Experience. You will also learn about the history of the brand and the brewing process. It is an all-in-one that you cannot miss on your next visit to Amsterdam. In the culture of this city beer has been present for many years. It is a very old tradition in the Netherlands, which began with the monks of the monasteries of the Middle Ages and has reached the present day with famous brands such as Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch. You can realize the importance of beer in Amsterdam as on summer evenings, the bars and cafes are filled with people disconnecting from the responsibilities of their day by enjoying their “vaasje”.

Many options to choose from

Amsterdam offers a wide variety of alternatives when it comes to choosing a place to enjoy liquor or a beer. Enjoy the craft beer called “speciaalbier” or the most exquisite liquors produced in the best distilleries of the country. With more than 38 different types of liquors, the distillery “House of Bols” is the oldest in the world and is located in Amsterdam. You can also visit the brewery “Brouwerij ‘t IJ” where you will find a brewery and a windmill in the same building. This old windmill is one of the six original windmills that still exist in Amsterdam. It is called “De Gooyer” and is considered the tallest wooden windmill in the Netherlands. You will always have the perfect excuse to have

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