The Benefits of CBD and Why Amazon Won’t Sell It

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies owned by the wealthiest guy on Earth as of today. It is worth trillions of dollars, and all they do is give you thousands of options for the perfect gift that you’re searching for, ship it to you (sometimes for free), and give you the luxury of never leaving the house. Today, you are expected to stay inside most of the time and avoid crowded places like shops and malls because of the pandemic. To compensate for all of these don’ts, online shopping is there to give you some comfort. Thanks to Amazon, people opt to stay in. So it’s understandable that they are busier than ever.

The big question is, does Amazon sell everything under the sun? No, they don’t. Specifically, CBD products. Let’s check out what the CBD oil benefits are that make people want it so much.

Why Does Amazon Avoid Selling CBD Oil?

Amazon is selling billions of dollars worth of products every year. They ship probably thousands of orders every day. So if you are the owner of Amazon and your company is carrying millions of dollars worth of stuff every week, you better make sure that everything you do is legal. One reason is that someone is watching your every move, and Amazon doesn’t want to break any law that could destroy their company. This includes prohibiting the selling of controlled substances such as CBD oil.

We know you guys probably think that CBD oil is not dangerous and has tons of health benefits. But that’s not how Amazon views this product. For them, it’s as illegal as heroin and cocaine, which are both illegal substances. If Amazon wants to sell these, they are already breaking federal law, which could damage their reputation and risk losing business. So in the meantime, there’s no CBD sold on Amazon.

Does CBD Make You High?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, a different genus of a cannabis plant, which is not psychoactive. This simply means that any kind of CBD product won’t give you that euphoric high. So it’s a lot different from THC, which is the main compound that makes you high, and that came from another kind of cannabis plant. But even after all the evidence that CBD is not dangerous, Amazon will not risk selling it because everything derived from cannabis is already considered a controlled substance.

All in all, CBD products are used to help promote a person’s overall wellness. Illegal or not, it has helped millions of people around the world for thousands of years already.

Purchase CBD From a Legit Source Only

Because Amazon doesn’t sell CBD products, it’s time for you to look for a company that will offer legitimate CBD oil. Avoid scammers by taking a look at Joy Organics. They offer many CBD products, from gummies to cream. You don’t have to worry about its legitimacy because they have third-party lab testers that check if their products have THC in it, which they don’t. Aside from that, their CBD oils have a strengthened potency due to compounds that make it more efficient.

Buy CBD oil from Joy Organics, and you will become their number one customer in no time.

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