The key advantages of document archiving

Keeping on top of your business archiving and making it as effective and efficient as possible is key to running a successful business. So here’s why document archiving could be the way forward.

Paper is everywhere and often we don’t even notice it, but when it comes to running a successful business you need to be aware of it and keep on top of it too. Inevitably there will be some level of paperwork involved in any business, some of which needs to be retained by law, as well as for good business practice. However, how you go about storing these valuable documents can have a significant effect on how your business functions on a day to day basis.

With this in mind, we’re looking at the three main advantages of archiving documents at storage facilities such as Cambridge Self Storage that will most likely make you think twice about your current filing system.

Provides more workspace

One of the key reasons many businesses choose to move their business archives to a business storage facility is because their encroaching on valuable space in their business. Reams of paperwork from insurance documents and VAT receipts to client contracts and employee payroll information, all require space in your office and can build up over a period of time, even with periodic cleansing. However, it doesn’t need to if you choose off-site document archiving. One of the great advantages of document archiving is that all your business archives will be stored away from your business premises in one place, allowing you additional space that can be utilised much more effectively to expand your business, whether it’s more work stations or a larger communal kitchen area. Plus, if you need more space for business archives in the future, this can be easily and cost effectively resolved by obtaining a larger storage unit.

Money saving

Following on from making better use of your current office space and freeing up areas that were previously used for storage, you also need to think of the financial savings you can make too. One of the misconceptions or hesitations that many businesses have with archiving documents off site is that it doesn’t make sense to pay for a storage facility when you can store it on site or that it will cost more. However, when you consider the cost of office space in the UK by square footage, which includes additional costs for business rates and utilities, it can often far exceed the cost of renting a storage unit, both short and long term.

Increased security

Finally one of the huge benefits of archiving documents outside of your business is increased security, making sure your business sensitive data is safe. In a storage facility your documents are at a far lower risk of being damaged, stolen or destroyed by the simple fact that storage units are specifically designed to withstand the elements, have less footfall with only designated people having access and around the clock security. Plus if your business is unfortunate to suffer from a fire, burglary or flooding, you can at least have peace of mind that all your important documentation is stored away safely and securely elsewhere.


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