Time Waster Or Creativity Chaser?

Exploring our individual creativity can be like opening the doors to your mind and letting your thoughts go out to play! It can be a difficult thing to find a way to pass time in a way that is enjoyable while feeling that you are being productive. One may ask themselves, “what can I do that will keep my attention, bring me peace of mind and allow me to be creative all in one?” The answer find a craft or a hobby that you enjoy to do! Something that is a go to, something that comes naturally and that does not require tons of effort or talent. Although you may be very talented in whatever you are choosing as a hobby/craft.

Another thing to think about would be, what draws and/or keeps your attention? What is something that you could literally sit and do for hours, and yet feel like it has only been a few moments? For myself, it is sewing and recreating clothing! I love to change pants into skirts, my husband’s dress shirts into dresses for my daughter, add bedazzles to shoes purses and so on… It really comes in handy when your kids tear a hole in their pants, or shirt, or a seam needs to be lengthened to make my skirts a tad bit longer. Coming from a family of fashionistas and women who learned at an early age how to create something from nothing because they didn’t have much money to spare. I would watch my mom and my aunties take a beautiful printed shirt or cloth, cut it up and add different sized pieces to the brim of a hat, onto a purse or a belt, or make a tiny flower or design out of it to create an entire unique outfit! It was amazing to watch and inspired me as a child.

I would walk around the house looking for things that I could cut and make into something else that was fashionable for myself. I found a hobby that I do to this day. After earning money in whatever ways that I could, I would window shop at craft stores and look around to see what caught my eye while out and about at places like any window graphics ohio. I soon learned that I had a growing talent for sewing by hand! Taking a pillowcase or something that mom didn’t mind being cut into pieces turned into several colorful skirts and scarves for myself and my cousins.

While it was easy for myself to find things that I continue to love to this day, it may not be as easy for everyone. There are different strategies that one could take to explores new passions and the many options that are out there to pass time and create things. One can gather ideas from friends and family, research online or in the library, and as I recently discovered, there are tests that one can take that will fit your passion with your interests!
find a hobby…

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