Tips for choosing the best escape room company

Escape rooms have gained more and more popularity over the past few years. These are adventure games whereby teams of friends, colleagues or family members work together to come up with clues as well as solving puzzles to escape simulated danger before the allotted time elapses. Mostly the stipulated time is 60 minutes.

These rooms are inspired by ‘Escape-the-room’ video games and are set in a myriad of fictional locations like dungeons, prison cells, and space stations. The puzzles and riddles in these games follow the room themes.

They got popular in North America and East Asia during the 2010s. Asia was on the forefront in opening escape rooms followed by North America, then Australia, NZ, Russia and finally South America. Today, they are more or less found across the globe.

According to reliable sources, escape room companies can make approximately $125,000 each year if it sells out on most weekends. However, most people operating these rooms also face challenges such as learning a new craft. Some may also experience a challenge in raising funds and also today there is a competitive market that if you are not good enough, you can close down your business prematurely. Therefore this business calls for understanding the business and learning new tricks that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

How do you choose an escape room?

As said above, these rooms are now available throughout the world and today; there are a few options of escape rooms available in your city. There are reputable sites such as TripAdvisor which are handy in giving you an idea of some popular escape rooms companies at your disposal. Therefore these are the sites that you need to follow closely for escape game options that you may not have thought existed. Just take a look at different themes and stories then pick one which seems interesting to you. Do you feel breaking a prison? Or better still robbing a bank? Or does halting the launch of a nuclear missile seem interesting? Get an escape game before your 60 minutes is done.

Finding the right Company for Escape game

Finding the right company for the escape room can proof daunting if you are not equipped with handy search tips. Here is what you need to do.

Do an online search

There are a lot of companies that offer these services, and now most of them have an online presence. Get to the internet and search for some options in your area of residence. You will get to see several. It’s always important to go with the ones on your first search page. Get to their websites and read testimonials from previous clients. Always go with a reputable one with more positive testimonials.

Read escape game company reviews

Today also more and more people are becoming escape game enthusiast, and they will take a more significant chunk of their time reviewing these companies. These provide in-depth analysis of a company, including the location, themes, contacts, and even cost.

Word of mouth

Ask around about any good escape room company in your area. Ask your family members or colleagues at work. The chances are that some of your close friends and relative have used their services and therefore they are at a better place to give you more insight into the company.


An escape room is a nice game that everyone should try out. There are dozens of information online on just about anything you need to know about escape games near you. The internet is your friend to check out on when deciding a company as well as the options available to you.

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