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Tips for Designing Large Bespoke Exhibition Stands on a Budget

It is 2020, and it is time to up your exhibition game and bring the cool factor into your exhibition stands. It’s a digital world where there is no room for boring tables and shell scheme setups anymore. Exhibitions are platforms to show creativity and communicate to your customers how you are better than your competitors.

Large exhibition stands provide a plethora of opportunities to provide a space for your customers that they will fall in love with. These large spaces come at a price, but the area alone cannot guarantee the success of your exhibition. However, you don’t have to go overboard with lighting, printing, and displays. There are many smart options to foster engagement at your booth by stating under budget.

Essentials for designing large exhibition stands for your next exhibition

If you have a tight budget for your next exhibition but still want an excitingly large display stand to increase awareness. Don’t worry, as, in this post, we have some tips for you that will help you design a large custom exhibition stand by staying under the budget.

Utilize space

Large exhibition stands mean that there is lots of space at your disposal, but this space can only be successful if utilized properly. Before going with a flashy design for the stand, understand your business and branding goals and what you want to achieve at the exhibition. For example, if you are promoting your products, then make sure there is enough room for several people to explore the products without the space getting too cramped.

If your company is promoting games and software, then there should be enough space around each digital table or kiosk to cater to curious visitors. In this product exhibition stands, there should also be a service desk accessible for people who would like to purchase the product or know more about it.

Another great way to maintain your audience’s attention is to create social spaces in the booth with proper furnished areas where passers-by can hang out and discuss. It increases networking around your brand and creates a sales pitch. It is recommended to consult exhibition companies in UAE ahead of time to ensure a unique experience for the attendees like never before.

Get Unique with Layouts

Large exhibition stands give you a lot of areas to try new ideas and concepts to utilize the space in fantastic ways to draw attention. With large bespoke exhibition areas, you can create a personalized, engaging atmosphere by using furniture, lighting, and interactive features like voice control like Siri or Cortana.

Some of the most crucial aspects of an exhibition stand are the graphics, lighting, flooring, and messages. However, some people forget the principle underlying element of the booth layout. A cleverly designed layout attracts customers to explore the stand. Here are smart ways to boost your exhibition stand layout:

  • Create an open plan free on obstructions.
  • Create a clean and uncluttered layout for easy access to the display.
  • Create small separations in the stand space for a peaceful one-to-one conversation with clients.
  • Make your products display more visible and accessible by putting them on the front.
  • Use technology to let users engage with your brand.

Technology to Create New Experiences

Technology is the most crucial aspect of any event and has become a necessity for the modern world and businesses. This means that people don’t only find new technology attractive, but most of them come to attend events solely for technology and the experiences it promises. So keep this in mind next time you plan an exhibition stand.

Incorporating technology in your exhibition stand doesn’t mean you have to blow your whole budget. Instead of using custom printed boards and plastic advertisements, you can use multiple digital screens or digital walls in your large exhibition stands to attract viewers through enticing visuals, graphics, and audio. The best part of using this technology is that it is sustainable, so you don’t have to invest from the beginning again for your next exhibition.

Audio-visual displays take your exhibition stand to a whole new level by creating an eye-catching booth for the viewers. Instead of buying all these expensive gadgets, you can consult exhibition companies in UAE such as to guide you through cheaper alternatives.

Here are some of the ways to leverage technology for your exhibition stand and remain under the budget at the same time.

  • AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are changing the world of events in ingenious ways. Use these technologies in your exhibition stands to attract attendees as people seek new experiences and immerse themselves in these different realities.

  • Kiosk and Tablets

Instead of going old school with paper-based brochures and leaflets for discount codes, use modern kiosks and tablets to provide an engaging experience to the user by providing QR discount codes. This way, you save a lot of budget by going paperless.

  • Gamification

Use gamification and leader boards to deliver a rich experience to the attendees. Install LED floors, display tables, etc., to create games and increase engagement across your exhibition stand.

Different Types Exhibition Stands for Maximum Impact

Exhibition stands come in different shapes and sizes, and finding the right one according to your budget is essential for achieving your goals. Before wasting your money on wrong designs, it is economical to get advice from exhibition professionals for the right choice. Here are the three most popular types of exhibition stands.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are perfect for a tight marketing budget as these are highly cost-effective, reusable, and mobile. With these, you can create your unique designs and reuse the display for any exhibition.

Fabric Displays

These displays are perfect for small businesses on a budget with a small display area. A high-quality fabric display provides an ideal canvas for colorful visuals and imagery to draw the viewers’ attention.

Pop-up Systems

These displays are linked together, thus offering ultimate flexibility in regards to design. With these displays, you can choose with versatile layouts, unique designs to engage your audience.

Get Smart with Exhibition Stands!

Instead of wasting your money on outdated supplies and exhibition ideas, use these tips to ensure that your exhibition this year is the brightest and attractive amongst all your competitors. So get smart and start planning.

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