Tips To Write Your Medical School Personal Statement

Personal statements are a great way to make a strong and positive impression on the admission committee. So, no medical aspirant should underestimate the power of a medical school personal statement. When combined with an interview, a medical statement may account for a 60% possibility of your admission. 

The admission committee gives a lot of importance to the personal statement since all the medical schools look forward to enrolling smart and bright students. So, it becomes essential to write a compelling personal statement that clearly speaks about the aspirant. 

If you are a medical aspirant and got no idea about how to write a compelling and eye-catching personal statement, this post is all you need to read. Here, we will talk about some of the best tips that will help you write an attention-grabbing personal statement.

Tips for writing attention-grabbing medical school personal statement

Keep writing and Re-writing

One of the most common mistakes students usually make is that they only work on their personal statements once or twice. Lack of writing efforts is one thing that the admission committee catches by taking a quick glance at the application. So, never give up on the idea of working on your personal statement much more than required. 

We suggest you start writing early so that you can write and rewrite your medical school personal statement. 

Stay focused 

Your personal statement should be powerful enough to reflect your life’s aspects interestingly. When it comes to writing about the exciting aspects of life, students usually end up writing about their life’s journey. You must understand the difference between both. It is never about your entire life’s journey, but the interesting aspects that have changed you. 

So, focus on discussing specific experiences and events that have had a significant impression on you in one way or another. Let your personal statement throw lights on the important events of your life. This will create a significant impression on the admission committee, so make sure you write it artistically. 

Take care of the format of your application

It is essential to take care of the format of your medical school personal statement. Here is a format that you need to follow to write an impressive statement:

Introduction: Start by writing a compelling presentation of 4-5 lines that catches the attention of the reader. It should be powerful enough to compel a reader to read ahead. 

Main body: Use the next 3 to 4 paragraphs as the main body and write about the crucial aspects of your life. Share your clinical experience here and talk about why you want to become a medical professional. 

Conclusion: Just like the introduction and main body, a medical school personal statement conclusion holds the same importance. So, make sure that you end the statement on a sound and convincing note. 

Seek opinion 

Once you are done with writing your personal statement, make sure you seek opinions from family and friends. You may also seek medical school personal statement help from the professionals. Many professional agencies may help you write the best personal statement. So, consider seeking help from them if you find it challenging to write a personal statement yourself. 

The final say

It is essential to come up with a compelling medical school personal statement. It plays a huge role in shaping you as an intelligent and creative student. Now that you know the tips to write a powerful personal statement, we hope that you will be able to write the best one. 

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